Constitutional Justices Hold Meeting Ahead of Presidential PHPU Hearings

Deputy Chief Justice Saldi Isra giving statement to the media, Monday (25/03) at the Constitutional Court. Photo MKRI/Ifa.

JAKARTA (MKRI) — The Constitutional Justices held Justice Deliberation Meeting (RPH) in preparation for the preliminary hearing of the general election results dispute (PHPU) for President and Vice President on Monday (25/3/2024).  In accordance with Constitutional Court Regulation Number 1 of 2024, the preliminary hearing of the Presidential PHPU with the agenda of verifying the completeness and clarity of the petition material likewise checking and certifying the Petitioner's evidence will be held on Wednesday (27/3/2024). 

“We have discussed the technical matters of the hearing and we have started counting the days, when we want to submit testimony and all kinds of things because (PHPU President) cannot exceed 14 work days. So, within 14 work days, we have the opportunity to deliberate and reach a decision," Deputy Chief Justice Saldi Isra informed the media crew at Building 1 of the Constitutional Court, Jakarta.

The Presidential PHPU cases will be decided no later than 14 work days after the petitions are recorded in the e-BRPK (electronic constitutional case registration book). Saldi said that the Presidential PHPU petition will be recorded in e-BRPK today.  Thus, the Constitutional Court scheduled the hearing to pronounce the Presidential PHPU decision on April 22, 2024.

"It will be registered this afternoon, then the petition will be uploaded," Justice Saldi said.

The Constitutional Court will deliver a copy of the Petitioner's petition to the Respondent (the General Election Commission / KPU) and to the testifier (the Election Supervisory Body / Bawaslu, etc).

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court opened the submission of petitions as Related Parties, scheduled from March 25 to 26, 2024.Based on Article 3 Paragraph (3) of Constitutional Court Regulation Number 4 of 2023, The Related Parties are the presidential and vice presidential candidates who have an interest in the petition filed by the Petitioner.

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In addition, Saldi said that the RPH also discussed the readiness of PHPU support officers in 2024, especially Registrars (PP) and Case Analysts. Then, he said that the Constitutional Justice Arsul Sani will be participate in handling the Presidential PHPU this year. However, the Constitutional Court will further discuss Arsul's participation if there is a submission of objections from the parties to Arsul's position as constitutional justice hearing the Presidential PHPU.

"We will observe whether any of the parties will raise objections to Mr. Arsul's position. If objections arise, we will address them accordingly," stated Saldi.

For the information, the Constitutional Court has received two Presidential Election Dispute (PHPU) petitions. These petitions were filed by candidate pair number 01, Anies Rasyid Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar, and candidate pair number 03, Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD.

The Anies-Muhaimin's national campaign team (Timnas) registered the Presidential PHPU petition to the Constitutional Court on Thursday (21/3/2024) morning. Meanwhile, the national campaign team (TPN) of the Ganjar-Mahfud Pair submitted the Presidential PHPU petition to the Constitutional Court on Saturday (23/3/2024) afternoon.

Based on the Constitutional Court Regulation (PMK) No. 1 of 2024 on the stages, activities, and schedule for the resolution of general election results disputes of members of House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, and Regional Legislative Council as well as the president-vice president, the Court would first settle the presidential PHPU within 14 workdays since the petition is recorded in the electronic constitutional case registration book (e-BRPK). 

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Author : Mimi Kartika.
Editor : M Nur
Translator : Fuad Subhan (RA).

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