Image Thursday, November 10, 2011 | 08:09 WIB | 150
Election Results of Banten Province sued to Court, Petitioners Asked to disqualify Selected Candidates

Two pairs of candidates and one candidate would be governor and deputy governor of Banten province to sue to the Constitutional Court. The first hearing was held on Tuesday (8 / 11) afternoon at the Plenary room.  This case consists…read more

Image Thursday, November 10, 2011 | 08:07 WIB | 82
Act on Court’s Review: Petitioner Not Present, Session Closed

The Constitutional Court (MK) held a hearing on judicial review of Act No. 8 of 2011 On Amendment of Act no. 24 of 2003 regarding the Constitutional Court against the Constitution of 1945 in case No. 69/PUU-IX/2011, Tuesday (8 /…read more

Image Thursday, November 10, 2011 | 08:04 WIB | 130
Witnesses’ Recriminations and Denies Cheating in Election Practices

Witnesses to the Petitioner, the Commission, and the Related Parties case PHPU regional head and deputy head of West Sulawesi recriminations and argued on Monday (7 / 11). Witnesses said the applicant’s political practices of money, while the witnesses of…read more

Image Thursday, November 10, 2011 | 08:01 WIB | 150
Public Works Ministry Delegates Visited the Court

Delegates from the Ministry of Public Works (PU) visited the Constitutional Court (MK), on Tuesday (8 / 11) morning. Their arrival is received directly by the Constitutional Court HM Akil Mochtar at the press conference room of the Constitutional Court,…read more

Image Tuesday, November 08, 2011 | 08:37 WIB | 24
Dispute of Election Result of Kampar District: Witness Affirmed In Reducing Support of Verification Process

Advanced Assembly Election Result Dispute case (PHPU) Head and Deputy Head of the Kampar regency, Riau, held back the Constitutional Court (MK) on Monday (7 / 11). The trial case with Number 109/PHPU-IX/2011 was to hear the testimony of Witnesses…read more

Image Monday, November 07, 2011 | 15:53 WIB | 77
Petitioner’s Witness in Dispute of Election Result of Mentawai Island District: The Dead can Vote

Tsunami disaster in 2006 had been devastated Aceh and Sumatra islands, including some district. Mentawai Islands of West Sumatra consisted in many voters who had died. Therefore, the Permanent Voter List (DPT) as a condition of voting held a number…read more

Image Monday, November 07, 2011 | 15:43 WIB | 134
The existence of Former Members of Political Parties in Election Administrator questioned

  The presence of former members of political parties as an organizer of the elections as stipulated in Act No. 15/2011 regarding General Election organizers sued to the Constitutional Court. Preliminary hearing was held on Friday (4 / 11) in…read more

Image Monday, November 07, 2011 | 08:44 WIB | 129
General Election Commission’s Witness of West Sulawesi Province and Related Parties denies the Petitioners argument

General Election Commission’s witness of West Sulawesi province and Related Party’s Witness, Anwar Adnan Saleh-Aladdin S Mengga, giving testimony before the Panel, Friday (4 / 4). The witnesses from both parties said the same thing, namely deny the proposed arguments…read more

Image Monday, November 07, 2011 | 08:40 WIB | 90
Dispute of Election Result of Kampar Regency: Respondent and the Related Party Denies Applicant Evidence

  The Constitutional Court (MK) held the third trial case number 109/PHPU-IX/2011, Thursday (3 / 3). Assembly Election Result Dispute case (PHPU) Head and Deputy Head of the Kampar regency, Riau this time beragendakan Tender Party to hear the answer.…read more

Image Thursday, November 03, 2011 | 18:34 WIB | 149
Government: Act on Manpower Provides Balance between Workers’ Rights and Obligations of Employers

Act no. 13/2003 on Manpower provides a balance between rights and obligations for both workers and employers. This was conveyed by Head of Legal Manpower Sunarno who represents the government in the review session on Thursday (2 / 11). The…read more