Party Witnesses Not Allowed to Attend District Recapitulation

The Petitioner’s witness Anite Bahabol delivering her statement at a hearing on the dispute over the 2024 legislative election results in Papua Pegunungan Province, Friday (5/31/2024) on panel 1. Photo by MKRI/Ifa.

JAKARTA (MKRI) — The Constitutional Court (MK) held a follow-up examination hearing on case No. 248-01-14-37/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024 petitioned by the Democratic Party for the 2024 election results dispute (PHPU) for DPR (House of Representatives) of Papua Pegunungan for candidate number 2 Hoerlina Pahabol, Provincial DPRD (Regional Legislative Council) for Papua Pegunungan 1, and Regency DPRD for Yahukimo 7. Two Democratic Party mandate witnesses presented as witnesses by the Petitioner claimed that they had not been allowed to attend the recapitulation in Yahukimo Regency.

The two witnesses were Yappi Pahabol and Anite Pahabol. Anite said that not only Democratic Party witnesses were not allowed to be present, but also all witnesses of other political parties participating in the election (18 parties).

“Democrat witnesses, both of us, were not allowed to attend. Even 18 witnesses of the political parties were not allowed to attend,” she said before Chief Justice Suhartoyo (panel chair) and Constitutional Justices Daniel Yusmic P. Foekh and M. Guntur Hamzah on Panel 1 on Friday, May 31, 2024.

Yappi said that out of 51 districts in Yahukimo Regency, the Democratic Party obtained 203,022 votes in 41 districts, and none in the other 10 districts. However, according to him, after the district-level recapitulation, Democrat’s votes went down to 60,136.

Yappi stated he had filed an objection to the General Elections Commission (KPU) but was rejected. “[I filed] an objection to the KPU but were rejected. At the provincial level [we] did not (file any objections),” he said.

At the hearing to hear the Respondent’s (KPU) response in mid-May, the KPU denied any reduction or addition of votes for political parties in the DPR election in Papua Pegunungan. According to the KPU, the correct votes were 65,738 votes for Willem Wandik, 24,425 votes for Hoerlina Pahabol, 0 vote for Nebon Pahabol, 2,590 votes for Ronny Elopere, and 5,050 votes for Pendi Keroman.

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Meanwhile, in its petition, the Democratic Party argued that there was a reduction in the vote acquisition of several candidates, including the Papua Pegunungan DPR candidates number 1 Willem Wandik and number 2 Hoerlina Pahabol; Papua Pegunungan Provincial DPRD electoral district 6 candidates Nebon Pahabol and Ronny Elopere; and Yahukimo Regency DPRD electoral district 7 candidate Pendi Keroman.

However, the Court had issued an interlocutory decision for this case last week. Before handing down the final decision, the Court stated that the Petitioner’s petition insofar as it relates to the vote acquisition of Papua Pegunungan DPR candidate number 1 Willem Wandik, Papua Pegunungan Provincial DPRD electoral district 6, and Yahukimo Regency DPRD electoral district 4 was inadmissible. However, for Papua Pegunungan DPR candidate number 2 Hoerlina Pahabol, Papua Pegunungan Provincial DPRD electoral district 1, and Yahukimo Regency DPRD electoral district 7 would continue to an evidentiary hearing.

Author              : Mimi Kartika
Editor                : Lulu Anjarsari P.
PR                    : Fauzan Febriyan
Translator         : Frity Michael Br Sembiring/Yuniar W.

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Friday, May 31, 2024 | 19:45 WIB 33