Workshop on PHPU for Nasdem Closes

Acting Head of the Pancasila and Constitution Education Center Elisabeth closing the workshop on the 2024 General Election Results Dispute Resolution for the Nasdem Party, Thursday (3/9/2023) at the Constitutional Court. Photo by MKRI/Bayu.

Thursday, March 9, 2023 | 13:46 WIB

BOGOR (MKRI) — The workshop on the 2024 General Election Results Dispute Resolution (PHPU) for the National Democrat (Nasdem) Party was closed on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at the Constitutional Court’s (MK) Pancasila and Constitution Education Center in Bogor, West Java Province.

Acting Head of the Pancasila and Constitution Education Center Elisabeth said in the closing ceremony that a democratic election can only take place if all stages are democratic, including a fair election dispute resolution by a judicial institution that can provide legal certainty. The 1945 Constitution grants the Constitutional Court the authority to resolve disputes over the results of the election of DPR (House of Representatives), DPRD (Regional Legislative Council), DPD (Regional Representatives Council), and president-vice president as well as regional heads.

“One of the Court’s authority is deciding disputes over the results of general and regional elections. Therefore, it designs workshops on PHPU to improve awareness of the Court’s procedural law for PHPU for litigants,” she stressed.

She added that Indonesia will hold a simultaneous election next year. The elected legislative members will direct Indonesia’s course. Therefore, this workshop was expected to help participants understand PHPU as both the petitioner and the relevant party.

“The understanding of the PHPU procedure by the litigants will help make the resolution of any disputes easier,” she emphasized.

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Petition Drafting Evaluation

In the last session, the workshop participants presented their drafts of petition and relevant party’s statement. Their drafts were evaluated by the facilitators, who also gave feedback.

The workshop took place on Monday-Thursday, March 6-9, 2023 with 128 attendees from the Nasdem Party. The participants listened to presentations on the Constitutional Court and the dynamics of PHPU; the procedural law for PHPU; the mechanism, stages, and schedule; drafting a PHPU petition and relevant party’s statement; and the electronic case management information system and have their petition and relevant party statement evaluated. The speakers were constitutional justices, deputy registrar, expert assistant to constitutional justice, and more.

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