Ethics Council Submits Its Final Report

Ethics Council submitting its report to the Constitutional Court, Monday (11/27/2023). Photo by MKRI/Bayu.

JAKARTA (MKRI) — The Constitutional Court Ethics Council (Majelis Kehormatan Mahkamah Konstitusi or MKMK) MKMK chair Jimly Asshiddiqie alongside secretary Wahiduddin Adams and member Bintan R. Saragih submitted the report to Chief Justice Suhartoyo on Monday, November 27, 2023 before Deputy Chief Justice Saldi Isra and six other constitutional justices. The submission of this report was also attended by the Secretary-General Heru Setiawan, accompanied by head of the Legal Affairs and Registrar Administration Bureau Fajar Laksono.

The submission of this report marked the end of the duties of the ad hoc MKMK from October 24 to November 24, 2023.

After the symbolic handover, the constitutional justices and the Ethics Council discussed several suggestions for the Constitutional Court Regulations (PMKs).

On this occasion, Chief Justice Suhartoyo hoped that the constitutional justices would remain steadfast in maintaining the honor of the Constitutional Court in the eyes of the public, especially justice seekers.

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The MKMK was formed based on Decree No. 10 of 2023 om the formation and composition of the membership of MKMK in 2023, dated October 23, 2023. The letter stipulated that the members of the councils were Wahiduddin Adams, Jimly Asshiddiqie, and Bintan R. Saragih. Wahiduddin Adams represented the constitutional justices, Jimly Asshiddiqie represented community figures, while Bintan R. Saragih represented law academics. The MKMK worked for a month since October 24 until November 24.

For optimum performance, the MKMK Secretariat was formed. Head of the Legal Affairs and Registrar’s Administration Bureau Fajar Laksono was appointed its chairperson. The secretariat’s formation was recorded in the Decision of the Secretariat General of the Constitutional Court No. 501 of 2023 on the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court Ethics Council of 2023-2026. In addition, the Court appointed several employees—consisting of IT officers, transcribers, and Public Relations officers—to provide technical support for the implementation of the council’s duties.

Author       : Sri Pujianti
Editor        : Nur R.
Translator  : Tahlitha Laela/Yuniar Widiastuti (NL)

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