Heru Setiawan

HERU SETIAWAN started his career in 1993 right after completing his post graduate in accounting at State Accounting Academy of Indonesian Administration Foundation (YAI). Next to that, he completed his master degree on public policy at the University of Indonesia in 2009. He has overseen various fields related to public administration in the Constitutional Court, amongst other departments, as Head of Information and Technology Center, and Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau. He has also been working as a project manager for international events including the International Expert Meetings 2019, the International Symposium of Association of Asian Constitutional Court 2020, the 2nd Conference of the Judicial Conference of Constitution and Supreme Courts/Councils of the OIC Member States 2021, and the 5th Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice 2022. Presently, he is the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

Prior to embracing his academic career, Heru Setiawan is currently a doctorate candidate at Sebelas Maret University (UNS). He studied law and is eager to research the relations between the court and technology pertinent the Indonesian’s rule of law.