Gerindra Party's Petition for Central Papua Rejected

The petitioner's attorney Subdria while attending the Ruling hearing of Legislative PHPU for Central Papua on Thursday (6/6/2024) in the Plenary Courtroom of the Constitutional Court. Photo by MKRI/Ifa.

JAKARTA, MKRI — The Constitutional Court (MK) rejected petition for case No. 91-01-02-36/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024 petitioned by the Great Movement Party (Gerindra)  for the electoral district of Central Papua Province. According to the Court, the Petitioner's claims regarding administrative election violations and the reduction of their votes in the election of members of the House of Representatives (DPR) of the Central Papua Electoral District have not been substantiated. Therefore, the Petitioner's petition lacks legal basis. The verdict was announced by Chief Justice Suhartoyo in the Plenary Courtroom on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

“[The Court] adjudicated, relating to the petition’s subject matter, to rule that the Court rejected the Petitioner’s petition entirely,” said Chief Justice Suhartoyo alongside the other eight constitutional justices.

In his reasoning, Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat stated that based on the Respondent's answer as well as the evidence and statements of the relevant parties, it was revealed that the Petitioner's witnesses had attended and signed the Provincial Recapitulation Plenary in Form Model D.Results Province. This can be seen both in the Petitioner's evidence, as well as in the Respondent's evidence. This legal fact shows that the Petitioner did not object to the determination of the Petitioner's vote as determined at the Provincial level.

The Court concludes that that the Petitioner did not provide sufficient evidence to substantiate their claims of alleged violations during voting and recapitulation in areas utilizing the Noken/Ikat System. Consequently, there are no grounds for the Court to mandate a re-vote in the locations requested by the Petitioner.

"Thus, according to the Court, the Petitioner cannot prove its arguments regarding the alleged violations at the time of voting and recapitulation in areas that use the Noken/Ikat System as argued by the Petitioner. Therefore, there is no reason for the Court to order a re-vote in the places as requested by the Petitioner in its petition,” said Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat. 

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In the evidentiary hearing, the KPU and Bawaslu stated that there was no objection from the Gerindra Party in Puncak Jaya. However, Gerindra's witness, Miren Kogoya, claimed that Gerindra's votes at the district level should have been 21 thousand, but changed to 8 thousand, resulting in a reduction of 13 thousand votes.


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Editor   : Lulu Anjarsari P.
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