Legislative Candidates File Requests to be Relevant Party

Legislative Candidates filing requests to be relevant party in the 2024 Legislative Election Result Dispute on Wednesday (24/4/2024). Photo by: MKRI/Panji.

JAKARTA, MKRI – After concluding the hearing of the 2024 Presidential and Vice Presidential Election Results Dispute (PHPU President 2024), the Constitutional Court (MK) has seamlessly transitioned to addressing the 2024 Legislative Election Results Dispute (Legislative PHPU) case. Since March 20, 2024, the Constitutional Court has been receiving petitions on the 2024 Legislative PHPU, both through online submissions and at the physical filing location in the Main Building 1 MK Jakarta." Furthermore, on April 23, 2024, the Constitutional Court registered 297 petitions in accordance with Constitutional Court Regulation Number 2 Year 2023 concerning Procedure on General Election Results Disputes for Members of the House of Representative (DPR) and Regional Representatives Council (DPD).

During the filing period as Relevant Parties on April 23-24, 2024, numerous participants in the 2024 Legislative Elections (PHPU Legislative) submitted their petitions, including the National Democratic Party (NasDem). Ferdian Sutanto, accompanied by his legal team, personally delivered the documents to the Constitutional Court on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

"We submitted 30 requests to be Relevant Parties from various provinces and districts/cities. One of them is from Papua, where we face challenges in every region. These challenges revolve around issues such as inflation and alleged vote loss on our side. Therefore, being a Relevant Party presents an opportunity for us to defend ourselves," Ferdian said during an interview with the Constitutional Court Media crew. "Several parties, including PKB and Golkar, have raised concerns regarding our votes, citing varying discrepancies," he added.

Preparedness Ahead of Legislative PHPU Hearings

To ensure the preparedness of hearing devices, case files, and infrastructure for the Legislative PHPU hearing, Chief Justice Suhartoyo and Deputy Chief Justice Saldi Isra, accompanied by Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Heru Setiawan and Deputy Registrar Wiryanto, conducted inspection of the Case Handling Task Force Room on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. Each team was verified to have fulfilled their responsibilities in accordance with the scheduled stages of case handling, including the ongoing task of recording the Petitioner's petition in e-BRPK (electronic constitutional case registration book) and issuing ARPK (Deed of Constitutional Case Registration) up to the present day.

For information, the Constitutional Court's agenda for the Legislative PHPU hearings outlines a Preliminary Hearing scheduled from April 29 to May 3, 2024. Subsequently, between May 3 and May 13, 2024, the Court will receive submissions from Respondents, Relevant Parties, and testifiers. Following this, from May 15 to May 20, 2024, Justice Deliberation Meeting will convene, accompanied by the Declaration of Decision on May 21-23, 2024. Further proceedings entail Continuing Evidentiary Hearings from May 27 to May 31, with additional Justice Deliberation Meeting set for June 3-6, 2024. The process will culminate with a final Decision/Ruling on June 7-10, 2024.

Author         : Sri Pujianti
Editor          : Lulu Anjarsari P.
Translator     : Fuad Subhan (RA)

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