MK to Strengthen its Financial Management and Performance in 2024

The Secretary General of the Constitutional Court (MK), Heru Setiawan, opened the Meeting of Financial Report Making of MK Year 2023 (Unaudited) and the Organization of SIVIKA application and Electronic Performance Report (E-Kinerja/LAKIP), Friday (2/2/2024). Photo by MKRI/Bayu.

JAKARTA (MKRI) — MK held a Meeting on the Financial Report Making of MK Year 2023 (Unaudited) and the Organization of SIVIKA application and Electronic Performance Report (E-Kinerja/LAKIP) in Bogor, West Java. This meeting was attended by the Secretary General of MK, Heru Setiawan, Heads of the Bureau, Heads of the Center, Inspector, Structural Officers, Functional Officers, and employees of the MK as participants.

Several speakers were also scheduled to present at the event. Among others, speakers from the Accounting Directorate and Finance Reporting, Directorate of State Wealth Policy Formulation, Directorate General of State Assets, Office of State Property and Auction Services Jakarta IV, and the Directorate of Information Systems and Treasury Technology.

The MK’s Secretary-general, Heru Setiawan, during his opening remarks on Friday (2/2/2024) said that the financial report should be made at the start of the year and all units must be involved in the said report. The financial report must be organized well, reviewed, and audited by the Inspectorate in mid-February 2024. Then, at the end of February 2024, it should be ready to be submitted to the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK). Later, MK will have the audited report.

Heru mentioned that all units must start to be involved once the transaction has been made, both for incoming and outgoing budgets. Heru said that if based on the transactions, the MK budget will be better managed as it will be 99.9 more accurate. The transaction report will result in a balance report, which can be monitored constantly. It is due to the opportunity to integrate access to SIVIKA and SAKTI.

According to Heru, the role of participants is to increase the potential and improve the performance related to budget management. So that the report can be made accurately, participants have to understand the rules of the financial report structure and balance report every day.

Heru wished that by involving all units in MK in making the financial report and with assistance from speakers, all issues and constraints could be discussed, and solutions could be made in making the report based on applicable rules.

In addition, Heru added, the event could also be used to improve services and performance, especially in the Bureau of Planning and Finance (Renkeu). This event also included the Center of Information Technology and Communication to develop SIVIKA and E-kinerja applications.

To event participants, Heru appealed to follow and scrutinize all sessions well and attentively. “So, we can be better prepared to face all challenges and issues that may arise in the coming year,” he said.

Unifying perception

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bureau of Planning and Finance, Tatang Garjito, explained in his report that based on the annual financial report cycle, the financial report will be submitted at the end of February 2024. To unify the perception between the Ministry of Finance, the General Affairs Bureau, and the Finance Bureau, it is imperative to hold this activity to make the financial report on time. “And we reiterate that we plan to have the report audited by our internal audit team, namely SPI, in mid-February. However, on this occasion, we also need to hear the interim review from SPI, which later adjustments can be made by the General Affairs Bureau and the Planning and Finance Bureau,” Tatang said.

Participants of this event consisted of the Planning and Finance Bureau employees involved in making financial reports, the General Affairs Bureau, and employees responsible for stockpiling from the Center of IT, who are responsible for developing SIVIKA. The total number of participants is 50 employees. This event was held from Thursday (1/2/2024) until Saturday (3/2/2024).

Author       : Utami Argawati
Editor        : Nur R.
Translator  : Rizky Kurnia Chaesario (NL)

Disclaimer: The original version of the news is in Indonesian. In case of any differences between the English and the Indonesian versions, the Indonesian version will prevail.

Friday, February 02, 2024 | 12:00 WIB 33