Maintaining Integrity in Resolving 2024 PHPU Cases

A work meeting for staff members of the Registrar’s Office and the Secretariat-General of the Constitutional Court for simultaneous election results disputes, Thursday (1/25/2024) in Bogor. Photo by MKRI/Ifa.

BOGOR (MKRI) — The Constitutional Court (MK) held a work meeting (raker) for the staff members of the Registrar’s Office and the Secretariat-General of 2024 on Thursday to Saturday, January 25-27, 2024 at Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort. The event took the theme “Maintaining Integrity for Services in Resolving 2024 Simultaneous Election Results Disputes.”

In his remarks during the opening of the meeting, Chief Justice Suhartoyo explained a simple meaning of integrity, i.e. the unity in mind, speech, and conduct. One is said to have integrity when they think before acting, and their action is in line with their speech.

“Integrity means one has to be in unity with their conduct. Every time one does something, they must think about it first. Each act must be in line with the speech. It is not easy,” he said.

He believes that the Court’s staff members have coordinated and agreed on matters relating to optimal preparations for the resolution of the 2024 general election results disputes (PHPU). As such, he hoped, they will build a synergy ahead of the upcoming presidential (pileg) and legislative (pileg) election results disputes.

Constitutional Justice Ridwan Mansyur echoed this sentiment in his presentation on the potential issues during the reception and registration of PHPU cases. He added that developing and maintaining integrity means being committed to show honesty, to following rules, and having courage to do what is right. Not to mention, he said, the Court’s staff members will carry out noble duties of enforcing law and justice and upholding the Constitution.

“Integrity means speech and action are in line. In other words, having strong commitment to doing what is right, following provisions and SOP,” he said.

He hoped that the staff members maintain good work consistency amid PHPU, and even improve their performance compared to the 2014 and 2019 elections.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Justice Saldi Isra said staff members with integrity are responsible for their duties. Integrity is also realized by avoiding gratuity or abusing authority.

“Integrity means being responsible for duties given to us. Integrity means finishing our duties,” he said.

In his report, Secretary-General Heru Setiawan said that 404 staff members attended the work meeting, while 12 are absent. Through the work meeting, the PHPU task force continues coordinating ahead of the 2024 PHPU starting mid-March.

At the opening of the meeting, aside from the aforementioned three constitutional justices, Constitutional Justice Daniel Yusmic P. Foekh and Chief Registrar Muhidin were also in attendance. On Thursday, the meeting started with the meeting of three separate commissions, each consisted of some of the Court’s work units. The first commission consisted of the Planning and Finance Bureau, the Human Resources and Organization Bureau, and the General Affairs Bureau. The second commission consisted of the Public Relations and Protocol Bureau, the Pancasila and Constitution Education Center, and the Inspectorate. Meanwhile, the third commission comprised the Registrar’s Office/Legal Affairs and Registrar Administration Bureau; the Center for Research, Case Review, and Library Management; and the Center for Information and Communication Technology.

The work meetings of the three commissions were then followed by a plenary session to hear a presentation on compliance in the use of state finances by the Audit Board’s (BPK) senior state finance auditor III Ahmad Adib Susilo as well as a presentation on maintaining integrity in the services for presidential and legislative PHPU as well as the regional election results disputes (PHPKada) by Corruption Eradication Commission’s (KPK) advisor for the National Secretariat for Corruption Prevention Andreas Nathaniel Marbun.

The meeting continued on Friday, in which Constitutional Justices Anwar Usman, Enny Nurbaningsih, and M. Guntur Hamzah talked about issues relating to PHPU proceedings and decisions. Next, Constitutional Justices Arief Hidayat, Daniel Yusmic P. Foekh, and Arsul Sani talked about matters relating to PHPU data management. On Saturday, the meeting was concluded with the presentation on a report on the results of discussions by Secretary-General Heru Setiawan.

Author       : Mimi Kartika
Editor        : Nur R.
Translator  : Yuniar Widiastuti (NL)

Disclaimer: The original version of the news is in Indonesian. In case of any differences between the English and the Indonesian versions, the Indonesian version will prevail.

Thursday, January 25, 2024 | 20:55 WIB 79
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