Labor Party Members Practice Drafting Election Results Dispute Petition

Substitute registrar Rizki Amalia speaking at a workshop on the general election results dispute resolution for the Labor Party, Wednesday (3/15/2023) at the Pancasila and Constitution Education Center. Photo by MKRI/Hidayat.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 | 10:16 WIB

BOGOR (MKRI) — On the third day of the workshop on the procedural law for the 2024 General Election Results Dispute Resolution (PHPU) for the Labor Party on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at the Pancasila and Constitution Education Center (Pusdik) in Bogor, West Java Province, the members learned drafting petitioner’s petition and relevant party’s statement for the 2024 PHPU.

Substitute registrar Rizki Amalia gave a presentation before the practice began. She first explained that the parties are petitioners, the KPU (General Elections Commission) as respondent, and relevant parties who could be members of the party or other parties. “The respondent is the central KPU, not the provincial KPU. This should be noted as a petitioner once filed a petition against the results of the provincial KPU. So, the results of DPR and DPRD members nationally that impact the petitioner’s seats and/or the election of DPR/DPRD candidates in an electoral district. So, exercise caution and thoroughness,” she said alongside Bangkit Panji A., Pusdik’s curriculum designer, as moderator.

Next, Amalia talked about the deadline for submitting the petition and the relevant party’s statement, which could be an issue. The petitioner, she advised, must strategize when drafting and filing the petition, as well as when submitting the evidence.

She also explained in details the documents to file, such as the power of attorney, which must be assigned a number.

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In the sixth session, the workshop participants were divided into their assigned classrooms to practice drafting a PHPU petition and the relevant party’s statement. Each classroom was guided by a facilitator, i.e. Nurlidya Stephany, Jefri Porkonanta, Andriani Novitasari, and Ananthia Ayu Devitasari. They were then given time to prepare a presentation, which would be assessed and given feedback.

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