Regional Secretariat of Tangerang City Initiates Collaboration with Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court welcoming the Regional Secretariat of Tangerang City at the meeting room of the Court’s second building, Wednesday (1/25/2022). Photo by MKRI/Panji.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 | 15:23 WIB

JAKARTA (MKRI) — The Constitutional Court’s (MK) Head of the Public Relations and National Affairs Department Fajar Laksono, the Head of the National Affairs Division Yossy Adriva, and National Affairs Division staff member Yogi Djatnika welcomed the regional secretariat of Tangerang City represented by the Head of Domestic Politics and CSO Division Saipul Ulum, the Sub-coordinator of CSO Division Agung Pujarama, and officer of the Domestic Politics Division Jamila for an audience on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 in the meeting room of the Court’s second building.

The secretariat had an audience with the Court to consult and coordinate with, and request direction from the Court regarding the Court’s constitutional debate competitions.

“We sent a letter and decided to coordinate and ask [the Court] for directions. We wish to learn how to implement constitutional debate competitions in the local government. [God willing], we will hold a constitutional debate competition. […] We hope to cooperate with the Constitutional Court to implement it,” Saipul Ulum said.

Next, Agung Pujarama revealed that the secretariat had received information about the competitions on the Court’s YouTube channel. The competitions, he said, had so far received good responses and could be replicated.

“The targets will be the same, that is, students, and the scope in Tangerang is smaller. The targets are higher education students, similar to [the debate competitions] in the Court. We want to learn what to prepare and what to do in terms of administration, materials, and so on. [We would like to learn] the pro and con arguments in the debate, the technicality, the system. The Court’s YouTube channel is interesting to us. We would like direction and guidance on this positive thing that we want to spread in Tangerang,” he explained.

In response, Fajar Laksono said that in 2000-2016, the constitutional debate competitions had been organized by the Court’s Public Relations and National Affairs Department. Then since 2017 the Court’s Pancasila and Constitution Education Center (Pusdik) took over. He also revealed that the Court has other competitions that are no less prestigious than the constitutional debate. He added that the Court would welcome cooperation with the secretariat because it would be in line with the Court’s mission to improve the citizens’ constitutional awareness.

“We also hold moot court competitions, which is one of the prestigious activities between debate and moot court. Participants of the debate competitions also participate in the moot court competition, where they also debate. The jury, who are academics, acts as constitutional justices. Those who act as experts will be questioned and their arguments will be contested. This event is part of the Court’s mission to improve the constitutional awareness of citizens and state institutions,” he said.

Writer        : Utami Argawati
Editor        : Nur R.
Translator  : Azzahra Salsabilla/Yuniar Widiastuti (NL)

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