Court Holds Judicial Dialog with DIFC Courts

MKRI delegation led by Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat visiting the Dubai International Finance Court in Dubai, Friday (11/18/2022). Photo by MKRI.

Saturday, November 19, 2022 | 14:30 WIB

DUBAI (MKRI) — The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC) Courts have the authority to support the operations of the DIFC, which is a Financial Free Zone located in the heart of the city of Dubai. The area covers about 110 hectares beside the Sheikh Zayed Road, marked by the DIFC headquarters ‘Gate’ building. This area was designed as an independent and concentrated center of financial activities, said Senior Judge of Court Appeal and Deputy Chief Justice of DIFC Courts Ali Shamis Al Madhani when opening a judicial dialog with Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat at the DIFC building in Dubai on Friday morning, November 18, 2022.

Justice Al Madhani further explained that the DIFC Courts consist of the Small Claims Tribunal (STC), which hears general financial cases whose amount of claim does not exceed AED500,000; the Court of First Instance (CFI), which consists of the Civil and Commercial Division, Technology and Construction Division, Arbitration Division, and Digital Economy Court Division; and the Court of Appeal (CA).

“Each court has different authorities, but the courts may cooperate with one another. For its administration, the DIFC Courts have implemented the e-court system, which they develop together,” he added.

At the discussion, which took place for an hour, Justice Arief expressed his interest in the DIFC Courts’ judicial administration and e-court system. “Since the Constitutional Court was established, it has had the vision to be a modern judicial institution, whose implementation continues to be performed and developed. I will request that the (Secretary-General) explore potential for collaboration with the DIFC [Courts], especially relating to the modernization of judicial administration and the technology that the Constitutional Court can adapt to support its judicial performance,” he said.

In response, Justice Al Madhani said, “We welcome Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat and his delegation to DIFC Courts. We are ready to follow up on possible cooperation between DIFC Courts and the Constitutional Court of Indonesia.” He added that the DIFC Courts are a member of the International Association for Court Administration (IACA). For this reason, he planned to invite the Constitutional Court of Indonesia to an upcoming IACA meeting in Saudi Arabia in 2023.

Also visiting as part of the Constitutional Court delegation were the head of the Public Relations and National Affairs Department Fajar Laksono and the head of the International Affairs Division Immanuel Bungkulan Binsar Hutasoit. Meanwhile, STA Judge Maitha AlShehhi, who is also a judicial officer for the Digital Economy Court (DEC) Division, were also in attendance. After the discussion, Justice Al Madhani took Justice Arief to visit the DIFC Courts’ courtrooms and supporting facilities.

Visit to KJRI Dubai

On the same day after visiting the DIFC Courts, Justice Arief and the Constitutional Court delegation visited the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Dubai and was welcomed by Consul General Kartika Chandra, who thanked the delegation for the visit.

“It would be an honor for us if Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat visit Dubai once again, especially to carry out an official mission to expand the Constitutional Court’s international cooperation, in this case with the DIFC Courts,” he said.

In response, Justice Arief explained the Constitutional Court’s international role, achievements, and reputation. “Aside from being a member of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC), the Constitutional Court of Indonesia also actively participates in the World Conference on Constitutional Justice (WCCJ). It even just successfully hosted the fifth congress of the WCCJ in Bali on October 4-7, 2022,” he said.

He also said that the congress generated the Bali Communique and a Joint Statement between the CCJA and the AACC. The Court has a mandate to disseminate the results of the congress to international judicial jurisdictions, even those outside of the WCCJ, including the DIFC Courts.

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