Ibrahim-Muirun: Irregularities in the process of Baubau Election

Decision of the General Elections Commission (KPU) of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi in 2012 was assessed by Candidate Ibrahim Marsila and Muirun Awi incorrect and unlawful. Therefore, there are violations and irregularities during Election process conducted by the Election Commission of Baubau and other candidates.

Moving on from these issues, the Candidate Ibrahim-Muirun became applicant sued the Election Commission’s decision to the Constitutional Court - Case Number 86/PHPU.DX/2012- dispute Election results Baubau City, on Friday (23/11). "Respondent (KPU Baubau) has hurt democracy, and a serious offense and thus significantly affect the outcome of acquisition candidates," said Attorney Petitioner Muhammad Ichsan.

Ichsan said violations in the form of the Baubau Commission alignment to candidate number 2 and number 5 in the General Election of Baubau. According to him, the Respondent has the number 2 passed candidates are not eligible to participate in the General Election. "Respondent has passed candidate number 2 that do not meet health requirements," he explained.

Regent Buton been Mobilization PNS

More than that, Ichsan continued, Regent Buton Samsu Umar Abdul Samiun also use the authority and power to direct the district civil servants of Buton who live in Baubau to select candidate number 2. "Civil servants are then involved in directing, and there is allot of money to the public by invitation throughout the village Baubau to select candidate number two," he said.

"Candidate number two in the General Election fraud Baubau, and mobilization, as well as the District of suppressing civil servants. Buton who live in Baubau, "said Refly before the Constitutional Court, led by Achmad Sodiki.

Refly said participating of Regent Buton Samsu Umar Abdul Samiun because there is a family relationship between the Regent Buton with prospective candidate number 2, MZ. Tamrin. Then there is also the fact of infringement candidate number 2 with his team have bought a summons in 16 polling stations in the district of Wolio.

"As a result, of the 400 registered voters of the polling station, only 7 people to the right to vote, and the rest cannot vote," said Refly. "The numbers 3600 and 397 (400 minus 7) voters to be very significant, given the significance of the numbers requested" he added.

However, it is justified by Refly, numbers or the voters will choose the Applicant if not mobilized and suppressed, or omitted voice. However, they did not necessarily do not choose the Applicant. "Therefore, the fair is to repeat the poll (Baubau Election) with strict supervision, so that the principles of Jurdil and Luber enforceable," pleaded the applicant’s attorney.

The trial continued to listen to the answers Respondent and the Related Parties, to be held again on Monday (26/11), at 13.30 pm, in the Meeting Room of the Court. (Shohibul Umam / mh/Yazid.tr)

Friday, November 23, 2012 | 15:10 WIB 133