LPTK Students Fixed petition of Act on Teachers and Lecturers

A review of Law No. 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers (UUGD) in the Constitutional Court into recovery petition, Friday (10/19/2012) morning. In the second trial for this case Number 95/PUU-X/2012 The petitioners through their attorneys, Muhammad Sholeh, exposing repair request on the advice the judges at a preliminary hearing two weeks ago.

Core improvements include two things. First, the applicant is more focused on the subject of the petition questioning the constitutionality of Article 9 UUGD especially the phrase "Higher education degree or diploma program four". Previously, the Petitioners reviewed out all the provisions of Article 9 UUGD. "We concentrations that were the subject of the petition we are phrase 'higher education degree or diploma level four' because it is the main point of the article we questioned," said Muhammad Salah.

Second, improvements of petition’s petitum. The petitioners asked the Court declared Article 9 UUGD contrary to the 1945 Constitution. Additionally, ask the Court gives special meaning to Article 9 of Law GD. "We want Article 9 as the applicant is considered to be contrary to the Constitution. But we (also) want to have a special meaning as that given by a teacher must have a bachelor of education qualification or diploma four educational programs," said Salah.

Constitutional Justice Muhammad Alim, chairman of the panel, before the conclusion of the hearing, authorize the Applicant evidence. Petitioners' evidence in the form of the 1945 paperback book, UUGD, Minister of Education and Culture No. 8 of 2012, and a copy of the applicant's identity card.

To note, Article 9 UUGD petition was filed by seven students of the Institute of Educational Personnel (LPTK), namely Aris Winarto, Achmad Hawanto, Heryono, Mulyadi, Anga Damayanto, M. Khoirur Rosyid, and Siswanto. UUGD Article 9 states: "Academic qualifications referred to in Article 8 obtained through education degree or diploma program four."

The petitioners feel aggrieved by their constitutional rights provisions of Article 9 UUGD. Constitutional question is the applicant must compete with non-educational scholars who do not take courses in LPTK where there are several courses have been taught in a non-educational university.

The Petitioners argue that the teaching profession is a specialized field that required special skills. This particular skill may not be obtained in the course of non-LPTK. Article 9 UUGD not provide protection and legal certainty to the applicant for not providing a guarantee for graduates LPTK as the only scholar who could enter the education profession. According to applicant, the provisions of Article 9 UUGD was  contrary to Article 28D paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution. (Nur Rosihin Ana / mh/Yazid.r)

Monday, October 22, 2012 | 17:08 WIB 131