Pati Police: Re-voting Process Secure and Smooth

Implementation of the re-voting (PSU) regional head elections of Pati District, Central Java, on June 16, 2012 and, from the aspect of overall security went smoothly, from the preparation until the end of the recapitulation of vote PSU. "It means there is no intimidation or events that stand out that need to be delivered," said Pati Police Chief Senior Commissioner Bernard Sibarani in Pati election result disputes the trial that was held at the Constitutional Court (MK) Friday (13/07/2012) afternoon. Joint trial for the third time the case is filed five pairs of candidates (paslon) Slamet Warsito-Sri Mulyani (44/PHPU.DX/2012 case), Imam Suroso-Sujoko (45/PHPU.DX/2012 case), H. Sri Merditomo-H. Karsidi (46/PHPU.DX/2012 case), Sri Susahid-Hasan (47/PHPU.DX/2012 case), and the couple Hj. Kartina Sukawati-H. Supeno (48/PHPU.DX/2012 case).

However, three days ahead of the implementation of the PSU, on June 13, 2012, there have been reports of Slamet Warsito-Sri Mulyani. Through their attorneys, the couple reported the existence of fake ballots. Received the report, Bernard ordered its members to report the matter to the Pati Election Supervisory Body (Panwaslukada). The next day, on June 14, 2012, Panwaslukada continue to report to the Plt. Regent Pati. Plt. Regent Pati and invited the Commission, Panwaslukada, members of the House of Representatives District Pati, and the Police to discuss the issue of ballot papers. The couple, Slamet Warsito-Sri Mulyani objected because the location of the signature on the ballot in favor of one paslon. "The location of the signature rather than by a description of the candidate number 1 is in favor of one party. Therefore, from the formula that Mr. Regent's signature there was no need, but at the top and was approved by the Election Supervisory Committee and the Commission," Bernard said.

PSU held up, continued Bernard, the atmosphere was subdued; there is no problem and no demands from paslon. After the vote recapitulation process ends, emerging demands of the disputed ballots false. On June 27, 2012, Panwaslukada reported finding fake ballots to Pati Police. A day later Panwaslukada withdraw the report. "Until now there is not overall significant obstacle. That is, according to the rule," said Bernard.

Description of Pati Police Chief Senior Commissioner Bernard Sibarani was denied by the attorney of the applicant, Arteria Dahlan. "What was conveyed by him (Chief of Police Pati), many are not true, Your Honor," said Arteria.

Arteria further states that his client was reported to the Police Pati related changes in the design and format of the ballot. Police deny Arteria statement stating Panwaslukada approve the design changes. "There is a letter from the Supervisory Committee, Supervisory Committee agreed to say why?" continued Arteria

According to the Arteria, Supervisory Committee has been carrying out their duties properly. Supervisory Committee has filed a report and makes recommendations on the reporting of findings of violations. "It turned out that at the time of submission to Pati Police, requested by the Police to be revoked once, perfected," said Arteria. (Rosihin Nur Ana / mh/

Friday, July 13, 2012 | 18:29 WIB 160