Five Candidates Asked Pati Re-voting and Haryanto-Budiyono to be Disqualified

Re-Vote (PSU) regional head elections of Pati regency of Central Java Province was held on June 16, 2012 and then, no escape from the dispute. Five participants appealed to the Constitutional Court (MK). In response, the Court held the inaugural session on Monday (07/09/2012) afternoon. 

In the presence of Constitutional Justice Achmad Sodiki (Panel Chair), Harjono, and Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi, Slamet Warsito-Sri Mulyani through Endang Yulianti attorney said he thinks unconstitutional implementation of the PSU. Because, in the ruling that was read on August 22 last, the Court ordered the Election Commission (KPU) Pati regency to conduct polling PSU than 90 days. But in fact, the implementation of the new PSU held June 16, 2012. PSU offensive delays, delays that allowed the Act must be submitted to the Minister of the Interior. "Up until the implementation of the PSU, the Respondent (KPU starch) did not get a determination from the Ministry of Interior," said Endang.

Endang also argued that the implementation of the PSU using an illegal ballot. Ballots are used not in accordance with a decree or order made by the Commission itself Starch. "And that voice mail is a document that states cannot be changed without the applicable regulations," said Endang.

Strengthen the information Endang, Arteria Dahlan in his capacity as attorney candidate next four postulates the existence of a systematic effort, structured, and massive, and against the law made by the Commission Starch is change the format, design, and model of the ballot. According to the Arteria, change format, model and design of the ballot is favorable partner-Budiyono Haryanto (Number 5). "Friends of this Commission is changing the format, changing the design, and change the model of the ballot," said Arteria.

Then the Arteria postulates the existence of electoral engineering by reason of the PSU. "After we checked, a lot of voters should be able to choose (but) cannot vote. Voters there yesterday, practically at the moment do not exist," explained Arteria.

In addition, Arteria guessed the Commission conducted a series of offenses, which include winning the team of Haryanto Budiyono into organizing  Election: General Election organizers are conditioning the PKK and its ranks in the bottom; Election Eliminate one stage, the stage of recapitulation of votes on the PPS (the village) models to cover the issue of ballot papers and the resulting symmetrical vote through many ballots have been declared invalid vote; scenarios to thwart attempts to file an objection petition with the Constitutional Court; Accelerate schedule plenary recapitulation of vote counting stage the final stage of the city.

In the petition, the Petitioners ask the Court to cancel the other KPU Decree No. 14/Kpts/KPU-Kab.Pati-012.329311/2012 recap on setting the vote tally for each candidate participant’s regent and deputy regent PSU Regent and Vice Regent Election Starch 2012 at District Level by Pati Commission dated June 20, 2012. Disqualify the spouse H. Haryanto-HM. Budiyono as candidates and participants in the General Election of 2012 Starch. Then, instruct the Commission to carry out voting Starch throughout the TSP without including spouse H. Haryanto-HM. Budiyono. (Rosihin Nur Ana / mh/

Monday, July 09, 2012 | 21:42 WIB 131