Itje Chodidjah: RSBI Program Made Education Unfair

Pilot implementation of international schools (RSBI) or international schools (SBI) based on laws that do not favor the acquisition of equity in educational opportunity. RSBI preparation resulted in a less thorough evaluation and improvement of the organization RSBI be sporadic, not holistic, and tend to translate the international school with English and other extracurricular skills. "Judging from the practice of the process of program implementation of RSBI then it arise the perception that this program is a public lie."

The statement was made by Itje Chodidjah when acting as an Applicant at the hearing that was held at the Constitutional Court on Wednesday (05/02/2012) afternoon, coinciding with the anniversary of national education (Hardiknas). Session times for the seventh case of judicial 5/PUU-X/2012 of Act 20/2003 on National Education System (Education Law), filed by Andi Akbar Fitriyadi, Nadya Masykuria, Milang Tauhida, Jumono, Lodewijk F. Paat, Bambang Wisudo and Febri Hendri Antoni Arif. The Applicant is comprised of parents, teachers, educational activists and activists ICW, feel aggrieved over their constitutional rights provisions of Article 50 paragraph (3) Education Law. According to them, Article 50 paragraph (3) Education Law which states: "The government and / or local governments hold at least one unit of education at all levels of education to be developed into an international educational unit," contrary to the Preamble, Article 28C paragraph ( 1), Article 28E paragraph (1), Article 28I paragraph (2), Article 31 paragraph (1), Article 31 paragraph (2), Article 31 paragraph (3) and Article 36 of the 1945 Constitution.

Further in the conclusion, Itje states, people who entrust their children to school education RSBI, most simply understood that RSBI distinguish their children from the other children are classified as less intelligent, not criticize the coaching process various aspects of intelligence. "A lot of parents today demanded the transparency of the financial system, not the education system," said Itje Chodidjah questioned RSBI financial management.


Free Registration

Chief of SDN Menteng 01 RSBI, Central Jakarta, Ahmad Solikhin, in his capacity as a witness of the Government, describe the process of registration of new students at SDN Menteng 01 RSBI implemented by Decree of the Head Office of Jakarta Province. The process of admission of new learners (PPDB) is done online via the website PPDB Jakarta Provincial Education Department. "So the opportunity to register is open to all people who wish to register your sons and daughters at SDN Menteng 01 RSBI," explained Solikhin.

PPDB process, he added, the school did not do the collection fee or free, as all registration is done online. Solikhin also confirmed that the selection PPDB absolutely no relevance to the issue of new learners donations or anything about finance. "So, when someone says that the new student registration charge, it is a big lie because the process is always closely watched by the Jakarta Provincial Education Department and are online," he explained.

Solikhin also rejected Petitioner’s argument that states RSBI not nationalist. Based on his experience managing RSBI, Solikhin revealed that use of the curriculum is an enriched curriculum with the curriculum standards required by developed countries in the field of education by adopting and adapting the curriculum. "The values that form the basis for all subjects was the same, which is based on the values of Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945," said Solikhin. Head of SMPN 1 Magelang, Central Java, Popo Riyadi, in his testimony stated, the existence of RSBI SMPN 1 Magelang, Magelang encouragement to the community and the learners to perform better, be it in academics or nonacademic. "With this RSBI, increasing school quality because the quality of the educators, staff, parents and students become better and more encouraged to promote the school," he explained. (Rosihin Nur Ana / mh/

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