Jember University as Champion of the Constitutional Debate Regional II

In the final round, the debate entitled "Implementation of Presidential and Legislative Elections In Unison", University of Jember featured as the pro and the University of Mataram as a counter party. Both appear to their best ability to present scientific arguments and interesting. After a lengthy debate, the University of Jember comes to be the champion of the Constitutional Debate Competition Regional Level II in 2012.

This victory is the first time the University of Jember as Regional Champion Debate Competition organized by the Constitution Court. With this victory, as well as the University of Jember will represent the Regional Competition Debate Competition II to the National Constitution, along with runner-up and semi-finalist of Mataram University of UB and the University of Udayana, which will be held at the Court House, the end of next June.

The Constitutional Court in this event is in collaboration with the Brawijaya University of Malang by holding the final round of the Constitutional Debate Competition Regional II, Tuesday (01/05). This round after the preliminary round, followed by 24 universities, including East Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and South Kalimantan.

In this competition, surprisingly regional champions last year, the University of Malang, should be eliminated in the preliminary round. While the regional runner-up last year, the University of Airlangga, surprisingly have also eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Udayana University in Bali, and Mataram University since the beginning of an underdog, able to penetrate to the semifinals after defeating their respective Widyagama Airlangga University and the University of Malang. While the host and the University of Jember UB, qualified for the semi-finals after beating IAIN Sunan Ampel and the Islamic University of Malang.

In the semifinal draw, UB to meet with the University of Jember, and met with the University of Udayana University of Mataram. After a heated debate in the semifinals, the University of Mataram to beat the University of Udayana, and the University of Jember that appears dominant from the start, was able to beat host UB. Both of these teams competed in final.


Secretary General of the Official MK Close

 After the implementation of the final debate, the event continued with the closing activities of the Constitutional Debate Competition Regional II Regional East Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and South Kalimantan. The event has been going on since the day of the week (29/04) and is, officially closed the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Janedjri M. Gaffar.

In his speech, said the activity Janedjri debate competition was organized with the aim of fostering a culture aware of Pancasila and the Constitution among the public, particularly to further enhance the ability of students to explore the constitutional issue. To that end, said Janedjri, MK started to cultivate awareness in the students by organizing various activities that can motivate them.

After watching the final debate competition constitution, Janedjri expressed very proud of the level of student understanding and mastery of the constitution. "I am thrilled and proud of the students. They are not only good at arguing, but also very controlled substance, "he explained. (Dedy / mh/

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