Solemn Christmas Celebrations in Court

Being minorities in the judiciary did not dampen the spirit of Christians in celebrating Christmas in the Constitutional Court 2011. Christians in the family environment of the Constitutional Court held a celebration of New Year 2012, Thursday (19 / 1) afternoon. In fact, they seemed enthusiastic and solemnly in conducting worship.

Moreover, the celebration of Christmas was run every year is increasing significantly and vigorously when the Constitutional Justice Maria Farida Indrati provides motivation to pilgrims. Mary said, that Christians should not be afraid in the face of things, although a minority. "Do not be afraid, we are a little, but we can be salt and light among us. Believe God does not abandon us. Whatever happens, God will always give us something better, "she said.

If in the past year, there is something that is not pleasing, continued Mary, we pray to God I hope in the coming year we are given the gift. Then, although a minority it does not make a difference. "If that’s too much salt is not good. Although a bit, show we can, "he added.

Sometimes people feel there is nothing true in his life. Related to the issue, the constitution’s first female judge explained, that does not be sad and disappointed. "Let us tighten and we match harmony between us, so that harmony could spread throughout the agency and outside the institute. So that we can bear the image as a good law enforcement agencies, "said Professor of University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

In addition, she also highlights developments in the institution of the Constitutional Court. Until now the Court is known as an institution that is trusted by the people. However, he realized that there is no support from the minorities, it will not happen."All is not going to happen when there is no toil of our aid here," he said.

What’s more, Maria says, Christians must help each other and mutually reinforcing. Although God gives something that is not good for us, let us not be disappointed, and remain grateful for what is there. "And we tighten our unity, do not feel there is only one judge constitution of the Christian people, we abandoned the Lord," said Maria again convincing.

More importantly, according to Mary, God has said, "knock on my door, then I’ll open the door." It means that the request, then the Lord will provide. "Therefore, even though we are few, but do not feel we are different from the others. Do not behave, if there is something unpleasant we scowled. We must believe, what we are given is a gift from God, "she said.

Christmas celebration with the theme, "Walking in the Nation of Darkness Has a Great Seeing the Light," (Isaiah 9:1 a) and subsidized the theme, "By the Light of Christ We Improve role in guarding the Constitutional Court Uphold Democracy and Justice towards a Better Nation" earlier delivered by Eliver Radjagoekgoek. Related to "Christmas Reflections" was presented by Pastor Franz Magnis-Suseno. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

Friday, January 20, 2012 | 13:23 WIB 147