Meeting of Consultation between the Court and House of Regional Representatives

Constitutional Court (MK) conducted a consultation meeting with the Regional Representatives Council (DPD), on the 8th floor, Nusantara Building III of the Regional Representatives Council, Jakarta. From the Court followed by 8 (eight) Constitutional Court Justices, including Moh. Mahfud MD (Chief Justice), Achmad Sodiki (Deputy Chief Justice), Harjono, Maria Farida Indrati, Hamdan Zoelva, Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi, Akil Mochtar, and Anwar Usman.

Then Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Janedjri M. Gaffar and Registrar of the Court Kasianur Sidauruk also participate and assist the constitutional judges in attending the event. MK Group Leaders are greeted by the leaders of the DPD, among them Irman Gusman (Chairman), Laode Ida (Vice Chairman), and a number of leaders who sat in state institutions gentleman.

In a formal meeting started, conducted between the two institutions, representing Irman host parties expressed the intention to hold this event. One is meeting how democracy develops, and how a decision impacts, and how these steps can be expected in associated with the relationship between the Constitutional Court as a legal institution that is critical to the DPD as a legislative institution.

Giving response the desire of the House of Regional Representatives’ Chairman, Mahfud MD as Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court delivered a few things associated with the development of cases related to the institution of the Constitutional Court, among them about the 1945 amendment. In this case, the Court should not assess what is already there in the 1945 Constitution. About the plan changes to the Constitution, the Constitutional Court is passive. "And any nature associated with changes in the Constitution, the Court simply to follow," explained Mahfud.

In addition, Mahfud also explains the relevant number of cases ever entered in the Court. According to him, as many as 392 cases since 2008 have been entered into the Court, and only 45 cases that his request was granted. "So it does not reach 15%, we cancel the Election results. So it is not true when someone says Election results are determined by the Court, "explained Chairman of the Constitutional Court.

Mahfud added, from 45 cases have been granted, is disqualified around there are four cases. In the fourth case, the Court is very strong reason. "If it will not cause injustice," he explained.

Actually, continued Mahfud, the case should be handled by the DPD is the case of Papua Election. Since in the case of Papua Election, every person who defeated litigants, advocates of a potential mate was going berserk. "More than that, many of which burn the Mayor’s office, there is a burning house regent, some even going out of Homeland, ‘that’s the one," said Mahfud.

The same thing also delivered by Akil Mochtar. According to him, usually when the General Election in other areas there is no valid ballots, but in Papua there are no invalid votes, "all legitimate ballots," he explained.

Meanwhile, Akil associated with the statement that likens the DPD as the eyes, ears, and the energy region considered a very good expression by a number of leadership council members were honored. In addition, they also revealed to the Court the problems they face during this, namely that we generate a lot of thought, but totally ignored. "If it continues, it will waste. Have a role but it is not ignored, "he explained.”And it really makes worried us as a member of the DPD, because of how my friends to ignore Parliament’s constitutional rights of the DPD. Maybe we can make judicial review of the Act is concerned. "

In the issue, Harjono said that it is not easy to do so, because many aspects that must be passed so that what is desired can be achieved.”The first issue must be prepared by the Council of the Fifth Amendment. Constitutionally it is the right of members of the DPD. Now is how it is processed in accordance with the 1945 Constitution, "said Harjono.

Institutional Cooperation

In a press conference after the event, Mahfud said that the Constitutional Court and the Council have agreed to cooperate in the institution related tasks. DPD is the eyes, ears and regional power, but sometimes the Constitutional Court has the task less concerned with the community. "Therefore, the information associated with it we Leave to DPD," he explained.

And this, according to Mahfud, considered very good, because sometimes people do not know what defeat is to be considered constitutional justice in making decisions. "But the DPD to offer assistance in connection with the Court’s decision will be communicated to the public," said him (Shohibul Umam/

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | 11:28 WIB 215