SKLN Kemendagri Vs KIP Aceh: Petition's Revision has been Complete

The trial to revise petition of Dispute between state institutions Authority (SKLN) between the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Kemendagri) and the Independent Election Commission (KIP) held back in the Constitutional Court (MK), Monday (16 / 1) afternoon. "Revision considered complete. Plenary Session continued to hear the answers to the Respondent on Tuesday at 09.00 am tomorrow," said Chief Justice Harjono.

In addition, Kemendagri also added General Elections Commission (KPU) as the Respondent. Because before, as the Respondent is the Independent Election Commission (KIP).

In the trial the improvement of this petition, Kemendagri arrived late and only represented by the Director of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights litigation Mulaimin Abdi. "Excuse me Your Honor, Kemendagri considered this request repair only submitted to Registrar office, so they either do not come to court information. Sorry only once as Petitioner, "said Mulaimin. 

As it was known, the petition was filed by Kemendagri SKLN on Wednesday (11 / 1), after which the trial on Friday (13 / 1). Petition’s revision was also directly resolved within one working day by one day and hoses immediately followed by a plenary session of the Constitutional Court. In his petition, it was asking the Court to give interlocutory verdict order to delay KIP Aceh regional head elections.

Kemendagri pleading stage delay elections in Aceh by reopening the candidate registration governor-lieutenant governor, regent, regent and deputy mayor, deputy mayor for giving the opportunity to register either of the parties, joint parties or individuals up to seven days from the interim decision was pronounced.

"To delay the phase, the participation of the Aceh Party, the discussion of new qanun and re-opening enrollment for the expectant couple are several important points in addressing the development of local elections in Aceh," he said. (Nano Tresna A. / mh/

Monday, January 16, 2012 | 17:27 WIB 113