Dispute of General Election Result of Buton District Unacceptable

Constitutional Court (MK) has finally decided that the petition PHPU Buton District - Case 91, 92.93 / PHPU.D-IX/2011 - unacceptable. Panel of Judges was chaired by Moh. Mahfud MD read the ruling of the case on Monday (19 / 9) afternoon at the Plenary Court courtroom. 

Based on the reasons for rejection given the Related Party and strengthened by the fact, that the Petitioner I was not Buton District Candidate Election 2011. In addition, to date there is no administrative court ruling Southeast Sulawesi / Kendari regarding the Respondent’s decision to cancel the Stipulation Candidate Regent and Vice Regent of the Buton District Election 2011. Based on the things, I do not groundless petition law. 

Even the most basic, Petitioner I cannot say clearly and in detail the number of disputes that should be the voice of Goods and the Case of the Constitutional Court the authority to examine and adjudicate disputes dispute Election results, then I quite reasonable petition law to be rejected. 

In addition, the facts revealed in court that the Petitioner II in the petition are not able to say clearly and in detail about the alleged events and how much influence or significance of the vote between the Petitioner and the candidate sequence number 3 (Related Parties). 

Therefore, Petitioner II instead of actually doing the violations can be categorized as structured, systematic and massive, it is quite reasonable Petitioner II Application of law to be rejected entirely. 

Based on the assessment of facts and law as described above, the Court concluded: Exception Respondent and Related Party founded by law, the Court has no authority to examine, hear and decide upon the a quo. In addition, the filing of the petition had passed tengang period specified by legislation, so the principal application is not considered. 

"Verdict ruling judge declared in the Exception: exception granted the Respondent and Related Party Petition: Petitioner’s petition is not acceptable," remarked Mahfud MD who was accompanied by other constitutional judges. (Nano Tresna A. / mh/Yazid.tr)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | 17:41 WIB 113