Mahfud MD Achieve Soegeng Sarjadi Award

Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Moh Mahfud MD, was awarded Soegeng Sarjadi On Good Governance Award individually by Soegeng Sarjadi School of Government (SSSG), at the Four Season Hotel, at the Four Season Hotel, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Thursday (19 / 8)

Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK), Moh Mahfud MD, was awarded Soegeng Sarjadi on Good Governance Award individually by Soegeng Sarjadi School of Government (SSSG), at the Four Season Hotel, at the Four Season Hotel, Kuningan, South Jakarta on Thursday (19 / 8). The award was given last night at about 20:00 pm, once in the afternoon, around 15:00 pm, Moh Mahfud MD was re-elected as Chair of the Constitutional Court for the period 2011-2014.

In the event, it attended a number of figures, including Soegeng Sarjadi (Founder SSSG), Fadjroel Rachman, Sukardi Rinakit, Jimly Asshiddiqie, OC Kaligis, Ahmad Mubarok, as well as other lawmakers.

In his speech, Mahfud MD thanked her for the award. He hoped the award could encourage and inspire many people to be able to work well, achievement, integrity and achievement.

Founder SSSG, Soegeng Sarjadi explained in his speech that the purpose of the award is to give appreciation to the leader by three arenas namely, the state, society, and the market (market). In addition, leaders face the challenge of motivating and developing democracy, economy, welfare, justice, and clean government and pro-environment.

Soegeng Sarjadi see there are four pillars of democracy is very important, namely NGOs, lawyers, press, and political parties. But, he argues, political parties are now usually wait, and only the NGOs, lawyers and the press that could bring the movement. "And, only then can we be great," he explained.

In addition to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Soegeng Sarjadi Award also gave awards to the category of State. While the category of Civil Society obtained by Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) and film activist Mira Lesmana.For the category of the market (market) is given to PT Pertamina and Moorryati Sudibyo from Mustika Ratu.

Soegeng Sarjadi also gave Life Time Achievement Award which is divided into three categories, namely on intellectual integrity given to the Shafi'i Ma'arif, on social movements provided inspiration to the late Munir, and on mass media and democratization given to Surya Paloh. The categories of public rights struggle is given to Prita Mulyasari and categories of public rights initiative given to the Rector of the University of Paramadina Anies Baswedan.

In addition to giving awards to individuals and institutions, the show was also filled by Jimly Asshiddiqie General studium. On that occasion Jimly talking about the constitution and injustice. According to him, to discuss justice and injustice in the development of Indonesia, currently requires a discourse of justice is more serious. "And, this is the most important agenda for us together Think through all available means, namely the issue of justice," he explained.

Responding to events held by the SSSG, Jimly said that Soegeng Sarjadi give awards, and awards include three categories namely, areas of the state, market, and civil society. These three things, he argued, should be a new reality that must be considered. "So we understand the power of the state, should make a new way of thinking in politics is a paradigm, how do we strengthen the areas of the state, market, and civil society," he explained.

Jimly also explained that the mission was to liberate the nation's independence from colonial injustice. However, if we understand once again, the independence we mean that as a nation, not necessarily guarantee our freedom as individuals, citizens, "he explained. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

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