Mahfud MD Reelected to be Chief Justice of Constitutional Court

Moh. Mahfud MD was elected as Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court for 2011 - 2014 Period. He was accompanied by a spokesman for the Constitutional Court, Akil Mochtar after the election when the Constitutional Court gave a statement to the press colleagues, Thursday (18 / 8) at the plenary room

Moh. Mahfud MD re-elected as Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) for the period 2011 to 2014. The decision was obtained through voting, followed by the nine judges on the Constitutional Court Building Courtroom Plenary on Thursday (18 / 8). The judges of the Constitution, namely Achmad Sodiki, Sumadi Fadlil Ahmad, Anwar Usman, Hamdan Zoelva, Harjono, Maria Farida Indrati, M. Akil Mochtar and Muhammad Alim.

"The agenda today is meeting to determine the new Chairman of the Constitutional Court, having previously held a meeting of the constitutional judges’ discussion in deliberation and consensus. But to liberate every judge in giving the opinion, it was decided unanimously to select the Chairman of the Constitutional Court unanimously by voting, "said Mahfud who had previously served as Chairman of the Constitutional Court the period 2008 - 2011 this.

Before the elections, Mahfud hopes that later elected Chairman of the Constitutional Court to keep two important things owned by the Constitutional Court, namely the independence of judges and compactness."There are two main assets that the Court should be retained, namely independence and unity. I'm sure the judge constitution does not currently exist that could affect this. Then, I am proud of the Constitutional Court is still compact with each other so that our opinions are always the same and hopefully this can be maintained, "said Mahfud.

Meanwhile, other candidate, Harjono is exposing the agenda of regular routine. Court as an independent institution that differentiates it from other judicial institutions. According to Harjono, this trait that should be maintained by the Chairman of the next MK. "The Court requires that each judge of opinion and become the hallmark of MK, then anyone who leads should be able to maintain its status as an independent institution of this. Whoever is elected will have to be ready. Dynamic response to the Constitutional Court should be positioned as a credible and independent institution, "explained Harjono.

Meanwhile, M. Akil Mochtar request to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court to restore the Constitutional Court later elected to the track as the perpetrator of judicial power that puts access to justice (access to justice) for the seeker of justice.

In voting that are free and confidential, the results obtained the votes of five votes for Moh. Mahfud MD, 2 votes for Harjono, Hamdan Zoelva 1 votes and 1 abstention. With this vote the Moh Mahfud MD was re-elected by majority vote as Chairman of the Constitutional Court for the period 2011 to 2014. Inaugural Chairman of the Constitutional Court Elected period 2011 - 2014 will take place on 22 August. (Lulu Anjarsari / mh/

Thursday, August 18, 2011 | 16:36 WIB 228