Court Interviewed Training of Trainer Gratification Control Unit Participants

Court staff interviews related to the formation of Gratification Control Unit (UPG) of the Constitutional Court and the Commission as the results of cooperation within the Secretariat General and Registrar of the Constitutional Court on Monday (15 / 8)

Following up on previous meetings in the form of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between the Constitutional Court and the Corruption Eradication Commission related to the formation of Gratification Control Unit (UPG) in the Secretariat General and Registrar of the Constitutional Court on Monday (15 / 8), it held an interview which followed at least 92 Court employees. They are listed as participants come from Section representing the entire unit in MK.

"One part (represented by) five to seven people. Unless SPI (Internal Oversight Unit), all people participated. And PP (Registrar), three people, "said one of the Internal Oversight Team MK, Antoni, who is also a participant in the interview.

According to Antoni, all participants who followed the interview pursed his plan would be 46 people. Furthermore, all employees who pass the interview will follow the Training of Trainers Gratification Control Unit. Later, they will get a title as Agent of Change in this institution. "His job is to spread understanding of the gratuity or socialize in the neighborhood of the Constitutional Court," he continued.

In the interview, participants were given a lot of questions related to how far their knowledge of gratification, integrity and basic tasks and functions of their daily lives. Not only that, they experience the daily also questioned by interviewers from the KPK. For example, if they ever had an experience that intersect with gratification or the like. And, there are also questions related to ‘guts’ to enforce discipline in their work environment.

Previously, one of the representatives of the Directorate of Gratification Deputy Prevention Commission, Soegiarto, explaining that the program aims to create a control graft in a controlled environment, to increase understanding of gratification, gratuities report improvement, gratuities increased reporting unit to facilitate and minimize the psychological constraints, as well as a management tool . "The program is divided into several stages which will aim to determine the readiness of the MK, such as assembly code of conduct or ethics. And determine the level of the Constitutional Court as the institution as well as the assessment agent prepares HR MK, "said Soegiarto. (Dodi / mh/

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