The 8th Court Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony

The 8th Court Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony, Friday (12 / 8) in the morning

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD said, during a period of one decade, Constitutional Court (MK) has experienced the dynamics of its constitutional duties. Undeniable, the Court has carved a valuable experience in state and constitutional.

"Since the Court stands today, at least the Court has received as many as 855 cases unconstitutional. This shows how the public looked forward to the Court to resolve constitutional issues that were previously unavailable channel, "said Mahfud as coach of the 8th Court Anniversary Ceremony on Friday (12 / 8) in the morning.

It is said Mahfud, since the 1945 enactment of the second on July 5, 1959 until the end of the new order, even up to 2003, none of which can be canceled after the law passed by the legislature.

"But since the Court was established in 2003, many laws are tested and cancel so many of the cases tested it," added Mahfud to attendees, including Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Achmad Sodiki and other Constitutional Judges, General Secretary MK Janedjri M. Gaffar, wives and husbands constitutional justice as well as all officials and employees of the Constitutional Court.

Mahfud continued, in deciding cases, judges constitution has always adhered to the attitude to explore the sense of justice, despite having to dismantle or sometimes break through the laws that are still formally valid, but prevents the creation of substantive justice. "Hopefully it can seem real and perceived by the seekers of justice and society through the decisions of the Constitutional Court," said Mahfud.

Court rulings, said Mahfud, put forward substantive justice and guaranteed free from the hands of ignorant touch of judicial mafia, making decisions with the quality maintained. In the midst of society emerging issues of bribery, making false letters and so forth in the Court, it did not touch the verdict.

"The Court justice builds a transparent, open to be monitored by the community, open to be dissected by the press and open for analysis by experts. Above all else, escorted by the Constitutional Court judges who try to always maintain the integrity, independence, upholding the values of justice without going to be affected, dictated, intervention by anybody, "explained Mahfud.

For the Court, said Mahfud, the verdict is a crown, honor must be maintained. Honorary judge constitution lies in how much the decision appreciated by the public and judges the constitution itself. "Until now, the Court remains as a judicial institution that is still dignified, respected and trusted by the community despite the criticism here and there against the Constitutional Court," said Mahfud.

In that same opportunity, given the award to three employees within the Court model, namely Isti Widayanti, Ria Indriyani, Rumaisha. The Court also gave an award for the category of electronic mass media television, namely Metro TV and TV One. Moreover the Court gave the award for the category of printed mass media, ie, Kompas, Media Indonesia and Seputar Indonesia. Court awards are given to other categories of scientific writing competition as well as photojournalism contest. (Nano Tresna A. / mh/

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