Chief Justice of Constitutional Court ifthar at Police Headquarters

Chief Justice Moh Mahfud MD

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK), Moh. Mahfud MD attended the Open Family Fasting Together with the Indonesian National Police (INP) at Police Headquarters, Jl Trunojoyo, South Jakarta, on Thursday (11 / 8). The event themed, "With Ramadhan We Build Police Character As models, Service, Consultant, Quality Assurance Workers, and the Anti-corruption, in the Framework of Providing Quality Service" was attended by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Vice President Boediono, and the Ministers of Cabinet Indonesia Unity II.

In addition, there were also the heads of state institutions, leaders of non-ministerial government institutions, and senior police, and all officers within the Police Family.

On the occasion, National Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo, as the host of his address welcome to the guests. "It’s an honor and pride for the presence of the guests in this event. On behalf of the Police, we welcome and thank the entire invitation, "he said.

According to Police Chief, Ramadan is a month full of virtues and privileges, and has the means of education and formation of noble, good spiritual guidance, physical, social, and moral. "Certainly in the beginning of this month should be an appropriate vehicle for the police in building and developing human resources as well as Police noble personality based on akhlakul karimah," he hoped.

Police further said that the momentum of these activities as well as appropriate for the ranks of the Police to perform introspection on the appearance will be undertaken in serving the community, particularly in addressing the dynamics and disturbances in society and in meeting the demands of society and call the police performance. "In addition, a sense of unity and oneness among the people who become the main foundation of communication," he said.

The activity was also filled with religious speech delivered by Anwar Sanusi. On that occasion he cites a hadith which says that whoever fasted during the day and at night, compresses with devotions qiyamul Lail, then all his sins will be forgiven by Allah, "he explained.

On another hadith, according to Anwar Sanusi, Muhammad says that those who pass ramadhan would be sacred as a baby. "Why should a baby? Since the baby is not arrogant, infants also without sin. And, the most hated character is the pride of Allah SWT. Therefore the devil cast out of heaven. Because it’s too arrogant Pharaoh was drowned in the sea of red, "said Sanusi.

Moreover, according to Anwar Sanusi, fruit Ramadan will make does not get greedy. Greedy, he argues, is a disease that is not quite what he had. "Actually this is a natural thing because it can push the dynamics, but it could be dangerous if it is not done with the guidance of faith," he said.

Furthermore, Anwar Sanusi said that Ramadan can also remove properties envy. Citing his opinion in his book Ihya Ulumuddin of Imam Ghozali, Sanusi said that spiteful to the devil doesn’t have distance. Even in the Quran, according to him, Allah is willed brotherhood, then all the destructive nature of the brotherhood is prohibited in Islam.

Ramadan can also make people have a sincere nature. According to Sanusi, Divine light will not emit light from a heart full of vengeance. "Nur Rabbani cannot comply with the soul full of hatred. Divine light or Nur Rabbani can only radiate in the liver that work based on sincerity, "he explained. (Shohibul Umam/mh/

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