Iranian Ambassador Visited the Court

Chairman of Constitutional Court (MK) Moh. Mahfud MD during a visit of Iran’s ambassador to Indonesia Mohammad Farazandeh on Monday (18 / 7), in Delegation Room of the Constitutional Court Building.

Iran’s ambassador to Indonesia Mohammad Farazandeh visited to the Constitutional Court (MK) on Monday (18 / 7), in Delegation Room of the Constitutional Court. The visit was received by the Chairman Moh. Mahfud MD. Secretary General Janedjri M. Gaffar accompanied the chairman. A short visit was to discuss many things including the social and political developments in Iran.

"This was the point of the beginning of friendship between Iran and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia. For the Iranian government, oversight of the constitution is important as well as in Indonesia. Iran’s constitution was formulated within a narrow time. I know little about the Court and the Constitutional Court for a year assignment. It is possible I would like to know more and work of the Constitutional Court Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia. I would also like to invite His Majesty (Mahfud MD) visited Iran to exchange experiences on constitution supervision between Iran and Indonesia, "Farazandeh said.

In response, Mahfud explained the birth of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia which is formed during the reform. Before the reforms there are key issues facing the nation Indonesia, like many laws in conflict with the Constitution no one can ask judicial review to it as well as the dismissal of the president only through political channels. "So when do the reforms, the changes to the Constitution, it was decided to form the Constitutional Court. So there is a place for those who wish to test the law. Dismissal of the president must be a reason the law and not arbitrarily to dismiss on political grounds, "he explained.

During its development, the authority of the Constitutional Court was to adjudicate disputes election results and dissolve political parties which conflict with the constitution. Later in the performance of duties for 8 years, the Court has canceled more than 54 times the laws, and about hundreds of disputed elections. Everything is well accepted by society as a verdict. I am grateful for the visit to Iran as interested in two things, namely the Iranian Revolution was initiated by the thrill of Khomeini and Iran’s tough to face incredible view of the world even without the United States. How a spirit of independence and the ideology were so strong in Iran? "Mahfud said.

Answering Mahfud questions, Farazandeh revealed key strengths of the Iranian sub is a unity among the Iranian people. According to Farazandeh, common view of the existence of Islam is a point of unity. "This is in use Iran against the United States. Iran has the resources to have other countries including the United States to that of all the propaganda against us is launched. Islam is a cornerstone of social, political and economic development in Iran, "he explained.

Farazandeh exposed Iran to form the Board of Trustees that has the function and authority of the Constitutional Court to oversee the legislation in accordance with the constitution for 32 years after the revolution. Iranian President Abdul Hassan Bani Sadr's first president, including the 'pass' line so it gets a reprimand from the Board of Trustees. "However, Sadr refused on the grounds he was chosen by about 10 million Iranian people directly. Parliament was to bring this case to the Board of Trustees. Then the Board of Supervisors considers the president is no longer eligible to be president, "he said.

Mahfud was questioned regarding the protection of constitutional rights for minorities in Iran. Answering it, Farazandeh revealed discrimination actually accepted by the majority. "In Iran, it was no discrimination against Muslims. For example, Jews numbered 30,000 people, has one representative. Meanwhile, in Tehran, some 1.5 million Muslims are represented by one person, " Farazandeh said. (Lulu Anjarsari/mh/

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