President Opens International Symposium of Constitutional Court

Opening activities of the International Symposium of the Constitutional Court of Republic of Indonesia (MK-RI) themed Constitutional Democratic State in order to welcome the 8th anniversary opened directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday (11 / 7 ) at State Palace in Jakarta.

Activities of the International Symposium of the Constitutional Court of Republic of Indonesia (MK-RI) themed Constitutional Democratic State to celebrate the 8th anniversary opened directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at State Palace in Jakarta on Monday ( 11/7). In his speech, the President reminded the Chairman of the Constitutional Court and constitutional justice to this event as a momentum to improve performance and dedication to the Court in upholding the law and safeguard the constitution in this country.

Chairman of Constitutional Court of Republic of Indonesia Moh. Mahfud MD presents the opening, all constitutional judges, Chairman and Judge of the Constitutional Court or similar institutions, and leadership and / or lawmaker’s friendly nations who attended the symposium participants from 23 countries. In addition, this event also attended by Cabinet Minister Unity II, ambassadors and officials of international organizations, as well as professors from various regions in Indonesia.

This symposium considered the President has been very precise. According to President, the countries implement democracy practices on earth; almost certainly want to realize the democratic constitutional state. "No democratic country if not based on constitution, legal institutions and rules are agreed upon," President said.

The President also added that the theme is relevant, because this theme is a central and very attractive amid the dynamics of democratic development with variations that are in different countries, and this theme according to the president more contextual "I'm sure all want the current and future, can improve the quality of democracy in our country respectively, "he explained.

In the development of democracy that has colored his life and civilization of mankind, according to the president, democracy is believed to be the best system in the life of the nation among choice of a variety of existing systems. Therefore the president asked us together, "Whatever principle, and jargon pretext of freedom, democracy should not be out of the corridor constitution, this elegant elaboration between constitutionalism and democracy."

The Practice of Constitutional Democracy
In the same occasion chairman of the Constitutional Court, Moh. Mahfud MD in his speech said that the realization of a democratic country now undeniable, one of which is the presence of MK and then acting with other agencies in joint efforts, and contribute in order to build a more democratic nation Indonesia.
Further, in a very young age is gait Court considered quite phenomenal, because the Court has gained public trust law to bring a positive breakthrough, despite any decisions there must be a tickle. On the basis of that, the Constitutional Court has a global recognition as a state institution that managed to build a democracy with other institutions in Indonesia. Therefore the Constitutional Court of Indonesia, according to Mahfud, recognized to have a strategic role in establishing identity as a democratic institution.

Besides talking about the constitutional democracy, Mahfud MD also said the independence of the judiciary. According to him, the independence is a pillar of state law, and became a universal principle for each of the judiciary in a country. The independence of the judiciary wants free from interference, pressure, coercion, either directly or indirectly, either from the power of another branch or other parties. Therefore Mahfud said, "The lack of independence of the judiciary is a major threat to law enforcement because it will open up opportunities for lack of neutrality in examining the various cases."

Mahfud stressed the importance of procedures and mechanisms for rigorous and accountable in the selection of constitutional justice and more effective control mechanism. To confirm the role of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia required the transformation process and practice of cross-country experience. "In fact, the practice of constitutional democracy in various countries is not always the same, although the basic idea of democracy itself is at the position of the people on the most important positions in state decisions." Mahfud said.

Before the President and Chairman of the Constitutional Court, the Secretary-General MK Janedjri M. Gaffar submits reports related to organizing the event. In delivering his speech he said, "State Constitutional Democracy" became a major theme of this activity and to obtain optimum results the theme will be divided into three sub-themes namely The Role of the Constitutional Court and Equivalent Institution in Strengthening the Principles of Democracy, The Democracy of Lawmaking Process, and the Mechanism of Check and Balances among State Institutions.

In order for this activity is witnessed by the public, said Janedjri activity of these will be covered by the mass media both in and outside the country. "This symposium will be broadcast via video conference facility is owned by the Constitutional Court of Indonesia which was placed at 33 provinces and dispersed in 39 universities throughout Indonesia. In addition, it will also be broadcast online using streaming video facilities through local area network of the Court, "Janedjri explained. (Shohibul Umam/mh/

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