Muhammadiyah Students Association Visit the Court

Chairman of Constitutional Court (MK) Moh Mahfud MD is accepting a visit of Abdoel Malik et al, from Central Executive Board (DPP) of Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM), Monday (4 / 7) in the15th Floor of Court House.

Central Executive Board (DPP) of Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM) visit to the Constitutional Court (MK), Monday (4/7) afternoon. They are accepted directly by the Chief of the Court Mahfud MD in his office. In addition to friendship, the visit also informs a number of activities of the IMM in the near future. Among other things, the IMM has conducted a number of legal and political training courses on the constitution.

"Our presence here to ask for guidance and enlightenment from the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, including knowing the laws of political developments in Indonesia and so on," said Abdoel Malik as one of member of DPP IMM.

After delivering the key points related to the arrival of the DPP IMM whose members spread across several provinces, it continues with a brief chat related in legal development in Indonesia. On that occasion Mahfud explained that in principle of the legal culture in our country has been running well.

"I do not believe the legal culture of our society is bad. Awareness and legal culture of our society has been running well. If there are legal issues, our society can finish it. The problem is law enforcement officer’s needs to be improved, "Mahfud explained.

According to Mahfud, the lack of enforcement by the authorities is over more often for cases of corruption as well as other civil cases, the settlement with money. However, law enforcement is not run properly is more common in big cities and big cases involving well.

Mahfud responses those who wanted to return to the 1945 Constitution before the amendment. Mahfud said that is a backwards step. The 1945 Constitution before the amendment was basically good. But its implementation is more appropriate for that time, according to the needs of the time, not for the present situation.

Then on the 1945 amendment, it does not mean all the chapters have changed. The opening of the 1945 post-amendment will be retained and not altered. But some articles were amended. (Nano Tresna A. / mh/

Monday, July 04, 2011 | 20:53 WIB 255