The Court is Preparing for International Symposium

Secretary General of the Constitutional Court, Janedjri M. Gaffar is leading the preparatory meeting of the International Symposium to be held 10 till July 14, 2011, the preparatory meeting was attended by representatives of Parliament, Police, Immigration, Customs, Angkasa Pura, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and related parties, and attended by the committee range from the Court on Friday (1 / 7) on the 11th floor of the Court House.

In order to face the approaching International Symposium, 10-14 July, the Constitutional Court (MK) continues to prepare everything. This time the Court held a joint meeting with the involvement of representatives of Parliament, Police, Immigration, Customs, Angkasa Pura, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and related parties, and attended by ranks of the committee of the Constitutional Court on Friday (1/7).

The meeting was held in the boardroom of 11th floor of the Court and was chaired by the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court, Janedjri M. Gaffar. On that occasion Janedjri explained that an international symposium takes the theme “Democratic Constitutional State”. It was held to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Constitutional Court.

Janedjri further said that since carried the theme Democratic Constitutional State, then it cannot be separated from the role of Parliament. Therefore, the House of Representatives (DPR) are also invited to participate actively in preparing for this activity. According to Janedjri, this symposium is divided into 3 sessions, the session I entitled The Role of the Constitutional Court and Equivalent Institution in Strengthening the Principles of Democracy. "Session was his Court, therefore, it will be filled by the Constitutional Court, including Prof. Dr. Maria Farida Indrati, Dr. Anwar Usman, and Drs. Ahmad Fadlil.Sumadi, SH, M. Hum, "he explained.

Session II would talking about the Democratization of Lawmaking Process. The speaker of this session is from the House of Representatives. While the last session with subtheme The Mechanism of Balance Among State Institutions. "The material is the last will be delivered by the Constitutional Court Dr. Akil Mochtar, Dr. Hamdan zoelva, and one representative from the House. In this case, every session and panels will be accompanied by representatives from other countries, " Janedjri explained.

According to Janedjri, participants will be invited on the show as much as 200 symposium participants, ie representatives from MK or similar institution as many as 38 participants from 21 countries, the Parliament as many as 16 participants from 8 countries, the Ambassador or Representative of 20 participants from 20 countries. While in the country, namely the Constitutional Court of 11 participants, from the Assembly as much as 5 participants, as many as 29 participants DPR, DPD as many as 6 participants, the State Ministry of as many as 6 participants, former Constitutional Court of 9 participants, Academics Faculty of Law, as many as 17 participants, the Forum Constitution as many as nine participants, the Association of Teachers of Law on the Constitutional Court as many as 13 participants, the Dean of the Faculty of Law of 30 participants, and Dean FISIP as many as 26 participants.

To end the meeting, it appealed to coordinate with each other. "That way the show could run well. As for the next meeting we will meet again on Tuesday, 5 July, “Janedjri pleaded. (Shohibul Umam/mh/

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