UGM Yogyakarta the Winner of Constitutional Debate Competition 2011

Students of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Andalas University (Unand) on Final of Debate Competition, Friday (1 / 7) in Room Plenary Session of Court Building. Constitutional Debate Competition 2011 was won by UGM, Unand Camphion II, and Champion III was North Sumatra University (USU) of Medan.

The juries of National Level of Constitutional Debate Competition of Inter College in 2011 finally gave the verdict that the first prize is UGM Yogyakarta, Unand Padang followed as the second winner and North Sumatra University (USU) of Medan occupies third place.Final Debate Competition of Constitution broadcasted over by Metro TV. The theme to debate entitled: "Death Penalty for Corruptors".

UGM team as Team Pro revealed about the death penalty for corrupt arrangement, contained in Article 10 of the Book of Criminal Justice Act (KUHP) which includes a criminal offense and an additional subject. UGM team also describes the sense of corruption as acts that enrich themselves but harm the country's finances.

Moreover, according to UGM team, corruption is an extraordinary crime and often performed by people who have access to power. For that reason, the handling of the corrupt should also be conducted in an extraordinary way, by giving the death penalty.

Meanwhile, Unand Padang as Contra Team unequivocally opposes the death penalty for corruption. According to them, although corruption is an extraordinary crime, it does not mean that sanctions should be punished with death. They questioned the effectiveness of the death penalty for corruption, which is not easily able to wipe out corruption in the earth. As an alternative to a death sentence for corruption, it can do the sanctions impoverishment and social sanctions. According to Unand team, two sanctions are more effective, humane, rather than giving the death penalty.

As a result after conducting in-depth assessment of the various considerations of the various aspects of the two finalists, the jury finally issued a decision regarding the first winner. It turned out that the champion is UGM Yogyakarta. Unand Padang was Champion II, and North Sumatra University (USU) of Medan won third place after defeating the Padjadjaran University of Bandung (30/6).

Before the final debate was held, Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD congratulated the participants of the Constitutional Debate Competition, especially to the two teams entered the final. 

On that occasion Mahfud reminded the participants regarding the importance of ethics and to be fair in a competition.

"Be sportive, let alone away from the attitude of fraudulent conduct and a bribe. If not, the competition would go into something unpleasant to watch and thrilling. In fact, the competition is to refresh the audience, "Mahfud said when giving a speech in the final of the Constitutional Debate Competition in the Court House on Friday (1 / 7).

According to Mahfud, whoever the winner is a major victory for science, especially science of constitutional law, including the constitution.

"The purpose and background of the convening of the constitutional debate is to enhance students' understanding of the academic community or the content of the constitution," Mahfud said at an event attended by the Constitutional Court, the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Janedjri M. Gaffar, officials and employees of the Constitutional Court as well as their competitors from various college.

Furthermore Mahfud express the debate became one of a series of Constitution Week in commemoration of the 8th anniversary on August 13, 2011. The Constitution Week upholds the theme of realizing a clean judiciary. "For the Constitutional Court, clean judiciary is a final price to conduct of law enforcement and justice," Mahfud said. (Nano Tresna A./mh/

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