Mahfud MD Respond Positively UII Award to ICW

Chairman of Constitutional Court Moh Mahfud MD along with UII Rector Edy Suandi Hamid and ICW Coordinator J. Danang discussing the plan of conferring Indonesian Islamic University (UII) Award to Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), (27 / 6) at Warung Daun, Central Jakarta

Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD responded positively to the plan of conferment of Indonesian Islamic University (UII) Award to Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) on June 30, 2011, coinciding anniversaries of the 68th of UII Yogyakarta.

"I think, ICW deserve UII Award, for anti-corruption movement rests on the strength of the state and society. At the level of state power, the pillars of democracy such as legislative, executive and judicial branches of government seem a bit lame to deal with corruption, "Mahfud said. He was accompanied by UII Rector Edy Suandi Hamid, ICW Coordinator J. Danang and others in attendance at Warung Daun, Central Jakarta, Monday (27 / 6) afternoon.

Mahfud said due to the weakening of state power in an effort to eradicate corruption, so we expect more on the forces that exist in society.

"The strength of community relies on the press and NGOs and other civic organizations. Many cases of corruption jammed if not pressed by the press. Usually the handling of corruption cases to be weak, faint and even disappear, "said Mahfud.

According to Mahfud, ICW is one of the most consistent NGOs in efforts to eradicate corruption in Indonesia. It is said Mahfud, ICW did not have the force of arms in combating corruption.

"But the ICW had a potent force that is dealing with data corruption. When ICW will disassemble the case, if it is disputed, it could be accounted for. Since the ICW was formed, its members were tirelessly to eradicate corruption, until there are members who became victims of persecution, " Mahfud said.

Meanwhile, UII Rector Edy Suandi Hamid said, giving UII Award to ICW, in addition to persistence and consistency based on the ICW in the fight against corruption in the country, also can not be separated from the dangers of corruption as a disease and the main enemy of the state.

"Therefore, support to individuals or organizations such as the ICW should be given to more parties who care about and do with concrete steps to clean up corrupt practices that have been menggurita in the homeland," Edy said.

The awarding of UII Award to individuals or institutions considered to have good performance and contribute greatly to the interest of the nation has been made since 1997 is given to the Attorney General Baharudin Lopa. In 1998, Reform leader Amien Rais received the same award. Then in 2010, the Constitutional Court Chairman Mahfud won the honor. It was only in 2011, ICW will receive UII Award. (Nano Tresna A./mh/

Monday, June 27, 2011 | 18:15 WIB 204