Constitution Week in Celebrating the 8th Court Birthday

Chief Justice Moh. Mahfud MD visited police exhibition stand after opening the event’s Constitution Week with theme "Realizing Constitutional Court as a Clean Judicial Institution ". This exhibition is one of a series of events to welcome its 8th Anniversary, Monday (27 / 6) in Constitutional Court (MK) building

Chief Justice Konstitusi Moh. Mahfud MD opening Constitution Week event as a series of events to welcome Anniversary of the MK-8 on Monday (27 / 6), in the Hall Court.Constitution Week is carrying the theme "Realizing Constitutional Court as a Justice Institute of Clean" in the midst of the issues that hit the guardian institution of this constitution.

Mahfud in his speech said the theme was raised relating to the cleaning steps are carried out to the Court internally. "This is to prove that we (MK, ed.) have a high commitment to improve it. Throughout the history of the Constitutional Court stands, there are only two cases that occurred in the Court's internal, that is the case Dirwan MK Mahmud and forgery. However, both cases are not touched at all decision-making process. Like the case of Mahmud Dirwan new report came out after the decision of the Constitutional Court, as well as the forgery of the Constitutional Court after the verdict came out, "he explained.

The Court will take firm action against anyone who tries to undermine the justice system in the Constitutional Court. "Any parties that interfere with the justice of the Constitutional Court, then that means he also interfere with the constitution. Disrupt the constitution, it means he has also disrupted democracy. And, disrupt democracy means that violate the constitutional rights of the people, "said Mahfud in the presence of constitutional judges, the Secretary-General MK Janedjri M. Gaffar, Clerk of Court Kasianur Sidauruk, officials from a number of institutions and employees of the Constitutional Court.

One of the activities held as part of Constitution Week is the exhibition History of the Court. According to Mahfud, this activity has three important meanings, namely, to warn against identity, reminding untruth will provide lessons for the culprit. "And, once lie will give birth to lies next. For the Court, there is no price that is comparable to the trust that society has given to the Constitutional Court, "he said.

Judiciary, bright Mahfud, the last stronghold for the community to seek justice should be free from corruption. Moreover, added Mahfud, the three pillars of the four pillars of democracy, namely the legislative, executive, judiciary is 'ill'. For this reason, the Court does not only rely on the integrity of the institution alone, but also working with civil society to build a strong judiciary, " Mahfud said.

On that occasion, Mahfud also asserts that the Court did not close surveillance for outsiders (external supervision, ed.). In addition, Mahfud explained that the Constitutional Court also perform internal supervision, including through cooperation between the Constitutional Court with the Police and the Judicial Commission to follow up on violations of code of ethics and the Commission to follow up the whistle-blower system. "All of it solely to improve services to the public. Then the Secretariat General and Registrar of the Constitutional Court opened the broadest information on the Court to the press unless confidential information. We hope that people know what we're doing so people will have the information open because in the end common sense will determine whether or not something. We were never afraid of external scrutiny and an allergy to all we're still open for rebuttal and the affirmation of other evidence, "he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Janedjri M. Gaffar said in his speech, the Court reached a lot of success at age 8 with a cut and examine cases in accordance with their authority, including dispute settlement cases that limited the time the General Election. "In terms of substance, Decision of the Constitutional Court which is progressive and forwards the substantive fairness has a positive aura effect in law enforcement in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in public administration and judicial, the Court has proved itself as a modern judiciary and reliable, "he explained.

Janedjri also explained the Court will continue to promote transparency and accountability in the conduct of government governance. "The effort has paid off with recognition of the Constitutional Court as one of reform icon. Then he achieved awards for Accountability of Government Agencies Report of Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, as well as top honors unqualified (WTP) of the State Audit for 7 consecutive years since 2005 until now, "he said.

On the eighth anniversary of this addition, the Court held the plan presented Janedjri international symposium involving 23 countries. This international symposium will be the theme of "State Constitutional Democracy" with three sub themes the subject. "Three sub themes, namely the role of Mk in Strengthening the Principles of Democracy, Democratization in the Process of Formation Mechanism of the Act as well as Check and Balances among State power. This symposium has meaning as an active role in the international Court of Indonesia, "he explained.

Constitution Week, held from June 26, 2011 until July 2, 2011, has a series of events. The series of events, including the Constitutional Debate Competition for Students who qualify from 24 universities from 6 regional, Quiz Competition for the Blind Student level of junior high school, writing Contest, Photo Contest for the Mass Media Journalism, Gift of the Constitution Award for Mass Media, Race Gift of the Constitution for Civics Teachers, Moot Court for the college, and Photo Exhibition Court and Legal Affairs. (Lulu Anjarsari/mh/

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