Chief Justice Became A Speaker in FORDIS KAHMI

Chief justice Moh. Mahfud MD while being speaker in a discussion forum of Insan Cita Sejahtera Kesatuan Alumni Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam. Thursday, (3/3).

Jakarta, MKOnline – From the contain itself, our constitution was already sufficient. Because, it covered the constitutional needs that needed by a modern country. The fact was the authority no longer centralized to president, protection to human rights and state institution that guard constitution.

These were what Chief Justice explained while becoming speaker in FORDIS ICS KAHMI), Thursday evening (3/3) at house of Mr. Firdaus Wajedi in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. 

Mahfud explained that constitution was a resultante, meant that the agreements taken would be adjusted to nowadays needed. The topic of discussion was the enforcement of constitution related to the development of our country nowadays. So, he said, a controversy between correct nor incorrect a constitution, or on this case UUD 1945, was inappropriate. 

Furthermore, Mahfud said that constitution must be obeyed as long as it applied and has not been changed, regardless of whether it was right or wrong. “It could be right for one party, and wrong for other party,” he insisted. So the factor of right or wrong depend on their own relativity. Although, in one side, it is possible to make any change to the constitution. 

Later, he explained if people would review a constitution, it could be from 2 aspects. First, from the content and the second, from implementation. “ We can find the problem from the second aspect which was implementation. Constitution is basic law. So,  there will be no punishment if someone violate the constitution, except political penalty,” he added. Constitution violation would be finished at political forum. That is why we should have true legislation in advance, which in one line with our constitution so the constitutional values could be implemented optimally. 

Moreover, at this discussion forum also discussed many problems related to constitution, from the historical aspect to its context to several actual issues that has been developed today (Dodi/mh/Olfiziana)

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