Government Trapped in Intertwined Politics

Chief Justice of The Constitutional Court, Mahfud MD (Second to the left) answering a question from reporters accompanied by General Chairman of “Pikiran Rakyat” Syafik Umar (Leftmost) and Editor in Chief Budhiana (second to the right) also Head of West Java Regional Office of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Nasir Almi during his media visit to “Pikiran Rakyat” on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta Bandung, Friday (25/2)

Development Programs Difficult To Execute

Bandung, Pikiran Rakyat (hal 2, 26/2/11)-the situation of Indonesian government was now trapped in an intertwined politics inside the parties collaborated in a coalition. As the result, the government could not step forward because every policy had to be compromised with the interests of parties’ elites.

That was said by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (The Court) in a discussion held in the hall of Pikiran Rakyat (PR) Editors, Friday (25/2). Also attending the discussion was Head of West Java Regional Office of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Nasir Almi, General Chairman of PR H. Syafik Umar, Editor-in-Chief of PR Budhiana, editorial staff and other guests.

According to Mahfud, the clearest evidence of the situation was the issue on the rights on inquiry for taxes raised by Golkar Party and Justice and Prosperous Party, joined in government’s coalition.

The government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono threatened to reshuffle the cabinet if the inquiry right was continued. However, Mahfud said, The President was still doubtful to carry on because he was afraid that the coalition would fall apart.

On the other side, political parties experienced the same worries. They were afraid if the ministers from their parties would be dismissed from the cabinet and their interests would not be accommodated in the government. “So the political situation and government would stand still. The government do not have time anymore to execute the development programs because they are occupied with political matters,” said Mahfud.

It was a concerning situation because the government, the legislatives and political parties would end up fighting for their own interest. As the result, the people would be abandoned and could only be spectators.

Taking Care of Oneself

However, said Mahfud, Indonesian people still had hopes to go forward. By the setback in political atmosphere and the stagnation of the development programs, the people could still take care of their own lives.

“I once had a discussion with Jeffrey Winters (an American researcher in Indonesian politics-ed), he said that Indonesia is a great country. Without a good political leadership and without a strong government, the economic development itself could reach 6,9 percent,” said a former politician from Nation Awakening Party (PKB) admitting that he had the same opinion with Winters. “Indeed that is the reality. Our people could still develop and grow the economy, without anyone taking the lead. It is like we are on a flying  plane but the pilot is sleeping,” said Mahfud.  

In the opening of the discussion, H. Syafik Umar said that the visit of Mahfud MD to PR was a part of a series of discussion to celebrate the PR’s 45th anniversary.

Syafik also explained a brief history of PR and its contribution in developing the people of West Java.

“I hope that this kind of discussion would be a part of the PR’s activity, so that the people can also be enlightened,” said Syafik. ( A-132/YDJ)

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