Chief Justice of The Court Attend TVOne 3rd Anniversary

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (The Court) Mahfud MD when attending the ceremony of TVOne’s 3rd Anniversary, Thursday (24/2) evening held in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Jakarta, MKOnline - Chief Justice of The Constitutional Court  (The Court) Mahfud MD attended the event of TVOne’s 3rd Anniversary, Thursday (24/2) evening which was held in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). In the event, as a matter of fact, the Chief Justice participated by singing in a duet with a legendary music group Koes Plus in a song “Kolam Susu – Milky Pond”.

The celebration of TVOne’s third anniversary opened with a performance from band “Slank”. The vocalist of the band came to the stage wearing a blue shirt and black hat. He performed on the stage with some people carrying the red and white flag. Their first performance began with their hit song titled ‘Lo Harus Grak – You have to move’. Their presence raised up the atmosphere of the event.

After the performance from Slank, the turn went to God Bless who sang ‘Panggung Sandiwara – Drama Stage’ in duet by the vocalist of the band Achmad Albar and a tenor Christopher Abimanyu. The combination of rock music and a tenor created interesting nuances.
Besides that, there was also a hilarious performance through a parody of law cases by a group from Bandung, Padhyangan Project. The show brought forth the cases among others, ‘Ratu Rutan Pondok Bambu – Queen of Pondok Bambu Correctional Center’, ‘Kasus Cicak vs Buaya – Houselizzard vs. Crocodile Case’, ‘Cinta dari Lapangan Golf – Love at A Golf Course’ also the most interesting and making the audience laughed ‘Super Gayus’. In the last section of the parody ‘Super Gayus’, one of the actor performed as Super Gayus complete with the glasses and the wig. 

A number of artists and political character appeared to take part by singing in this celebration. This Anniversary was then officially opened by Eric Tohir as the President Director of TVOne. This event was also marked the plan to go international in their third year. With new logo and tagline “Menuju Satu Dunia – To Go One World”, TVOne would opened up their bureaus in several countries including The USA, Qatar and Germany. (Nano Tresna A./mh/YDJ)

Monday, February 28, 2011 | 13:32 WIB 332