LAKIP Activists to Present Research Report in The Court

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD when receiving activists from Institution for Research on Islam and Peace (LAKIP) as they visited The Court, Wednesday (23/2/11)

Jakarta, MKOnline – A number of activists from Institution for Research on Islam and Peace (LAKIP) visited the Constitutional Court (The Court), Wednesday (23/2) afternoon. Their visit was directly received by the Chief Justice of The Court Mahfud MD accompanied by the Secretary General of The Court Janedjri M. Gaffar in 15th Floor of The Court’s Building. The aim of their visit was to present their research result on “Education and Challenges of Radicalism” based on the survey conducted on teachers and students of general schools in Jabodetabek.

The research conducted by LAKIP was intended to know several tendencies from general school on several problems taking place recently. The three-month research, from October-December 2010, showed surprising results and findings. Among others, the students agreed to the radicalism movements growing in the community. Besides that, the students agreed to the closing down of worship places. 

Going from the research and the worries on the impact of the students’ attitude that became less tolerant to people with different religion, LAKIP activists coming to The Court were among others Bambang Pranowo, Lukmanul Hakim, Saefuddin Simon, had also visited the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the People Deliberation Assembly (MPR) to deliver LAKIP’s programs which were intended to build tolerance and peace. “The assumption saying that violence always comes from Islamic school (madrasah) environment is not fully correct. Actually the seeds and potential of violence within the general school environment is also quite high.” Explained Lukmanul Hakim, one of LAKIP’s activists. 

On that opportunity, LAKIP also informed the Chief Justice and the Secretary General of The Court about several books that had been launched. For example, a book entitled “Orang Jawa Jadi Teroris (A Javanese becomes a Terrorist)” and “Multidimensi Ketahanan Nasional (Multidimension on National Security)” both were written by the General Director of LAKIP, M. Bambang Pranowo. Besides that, there was also a book with the title “Syariah Konstitusi, UUD 1945 dalam Perspektif Islam (Constitution Shariah, the 1945 Constitution In Islamic Perspection)” written by Masdar Farid Mas’udi.

Meanwhile, the Chief Justice of The Court Mahfud MD said that the result of LAKIP research was an interesting thing to be studied further. If necessary, said Mahfud, the result could be used as a material for a discussion in a more serious forum and presenting competence guest speakers. (Nano Tresna A./mh/YDJ)

Thursday, February 24, 2011 | 14:45 WIB 245