Students of Lampung Muhammadiyah University Visited Court

Constitutional Justice Harjono accepting about 200 students of Lampung Muhammadiyah University, Tuesday (22/2)

Jakarta, MKOnline – Constitutional Justice Harjono welcomed the visit of Students from Lampung Muhammadiyah University, Tuesday (22/2). Besides that, Harjono also delivered material related to democracy and the authority of the Constitutional Court (The Court).

Harjono in front of about 200 students from Lampung Muhammadiyah University said that the process of democracy could not be set aside from political elements and the politics of related parties. With politics, someone could reach one’s intention. Therefore, still said Harjono, a control function within the state institutions was needed so that there would not be an institution being more dominant to others.  

When disputes between state institutions arose, The Court adjudicated that through the sessions on Disputes over State Institutions’ authorities (SKLN). “In the context of bounding the uncontrolled politics, The Court was founded,” explained Harjono.

Apart from the SKLN matter, Harjono also explained The Court’s authority to settle disputes on Regional Election (Pemilukada). Harjono explained that at the beginning The Court merely settled the vote recapitulation difference in the Regional Election. But then in the examination process, the panel of justices found many things that could make one side win or lose in the election.

Because of that, through the term of committing offenses which was massive, structured and systemic, the offender party could be considered not conducting the election in the principles of (Direct, General, Free, Secrecy, Honest and Fair-known as Luber Jurdil). Furthermore, should the money politics aspect be the only reason to decide on a case about the result of a regional election, Harjono believed that could not lead to a decision. The reason was that in the election he believed that all parties committed money politics with different amount of money.

“Then if all of them are disqualified, who will be the head of the region? Then, sporadic money politics are not counted, but the structured, massive, and systematic ones would be considered. So this is the matter of legal certainty,” he exclaimed.

At the end of the event, Harjono said that the decision of The Court on a case was not a decision of a single justice only; on the contrary it was the decision of the nine constitutional justices. In fact, to keep the independency and the image of The Court as a clean institution, all constitutional justices were not allowed to comment on the case which had the potential to be brought to The Court.

As a memorabilia, at the closure of the event, the group of students from Lampung Muhammadiyah University gave a wall decoration in form of framed Lampung woven (Yusti Nurul Agustin/mh/YDJ)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | 17:27 WIB 212