Civics MGMP Padang Goes to Court

Head of Case Administration Division of the Constitutional Court, Muhidin received a visit from teachers who are members of Teachers Working Group (MGMP) of Education for Citizenship (Civics), the city of Padang, on Wednesday (16/2/11).

Jakarta, MKOnline - A number of teachers who are members of Teachers Working Group (MGMP) of Education for Citizenship (Civics) Padang visited the Constitutional Court (The Court), Wednesday (16 / 2). The teachers of Secondary School (SMP) was welcomed by the Head of Case Administration Division, Muhidin, in the Press Conference Room 4th Floor of  the Constitutional Court Building. 

According to the group coordinator, Hamdani, this visit aimed at improving teachers’ understanding and knowing the implementation of the Court authority so far. Because, continued Hamdani, with a direct visit to the Court, they could get the more and better information about the Court, both from the history, theory, the management, until the implementation of its authority. "So, if we are asked later by the students we are not nervous," he added. 

On that occasion, Muhidin gave a short lecture related to the Court and the implementation of its authorities. In his presentation, Muhidin explained about various matters relating to the Constitutional Court. Starting from the change in Indonesian state administration structure after the reform, history and theory related to the establishment of the Court until the procedure in the Constitutional Court. 

In addition, he also mentioned about the numerous petitions submitted to the Constitutional Court whose substance are related to constitutional complaints or even constitutional question. "As a matter of fact, there are more cases related to constitutional complaints and the constitutional questions to the Court," said Muhidin. "But the Court is not authorized (to hear this petition.) And, until now there has been no institution authoritized to hear this case, "he added. 

In response to Muhidin’s explanation, Basrial, one of participants, asked whether or not in applying the Petitioner should come directly to the Constitutional Court. Muhidin answered, to file a petition to the Constitutional Court was not necessary to come directly, but people could also apply online through the website of the Constitutional Court, in or by post and email. "When there are requirements that are not fulfilled, then the Court will contact them again to be completed," said Muhidin. And, related to costs of having a case, according to him, the Court has eliminated all costs of litigants in the Court. "But for the cost of transportation to bring witnesses, accomodation, or attorneys' fees, the Court did not bear it," Muhidin warned. (Dodi/mh/YDJ)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 | 19:10 WIB 221