Participants of National Library Education and Training Visit the Constitutional Court

38 participants in the National Library education and training visited the Constitutional Court on Wednesday (3/11).

Jakarta, MKOnline – There were 38 participants in the National Library education and training who visited the Constitutional Court (The Court) on Wednesday (3/11/2010). They were welcomed by Fajar Laksono, staff of The Court’s Chief Justice, Mahfud MD. Fajar also guided and introduced The Court to them. 

The group was received on the 8th floor of The Court’s Building. In his welcome speech, Fajar explained the roles and functions of The Court and its track records for the last few years. “The Court adheres to the progressive law. Justices may go beyond the laws to reach justice,” explained Fajar. 

This Gadjah Mada University (UGM) alumnus gave an example that in the case of Regional Head Election (Pemilukada) of East Java, The Court ordered re-voting and re-count to be held. “Meanwhile, it is not the authority of the Court,” he said. He added that in the past there was also a decision related to the Presidential Election. The voters in the 2009 Presidential Election were allowed to vote using their Resident Identity Cards (KTP) and passports although their names were not included in the Permanent Voters’ List (DPT). “Thus, The Court more than just enforcing the law in the sense as set forth in the Law,” explained Fajar. 

A participant had the opportunity to ask about the way to guard The Court’s decision because, for example, the decision related to the judicial review of the Education Legal Entity (BHP) Law granted by The Court was believed to have not had any effect until now. “The Court’s decisions are final and binding to all parties, be it the President, MPR (People Deliberation Assembly), DPR (House of Representatives), or anyone, which must comply with The Court’s decisions. However, there are indeed no sanctions as in the court of general jurisdiction,” explained Fajar. (Yazid/mh)

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