Court Forms an Internal Investigation Team on Alleged Bribe

The Court was giving a statement to journalists during a press conference in his office in Constitutional Court’s Building.

Jakarta, MK Online - The Constitutional Court (The Court) appointed Refly Harun as the Head of the Investigation Team on alleged bribe cases as included in the article by Refly Harun KOMPAS daily newspaper on Monday, October 25, 2010. This was conveyed by The Court’s Chief Justice Moh. Mahfud MD during a press conference to follow-up the article written by Refly entitled “MK Masih Bersih? / Is The Court still Clean?” on Thursday (28/10) in The Court’s Building.

“For the sake of my responsibility, as The Court’s Chief Justice and the commitment of Constitutional Court justices who always have the attitude that they will guarantee the cleanliness from every form of bribery, and therefore, The Court has appointed Refly Harun as the Head of the Investigation Team for disclosing the truth of what he has personally witnessed. Refly did not decline the appointment. This is a part of the noble task of enforcing the law in our country, especially in maintaining The Court’s dignity,” said Mahfud.

Mahfud said that he was so interested in, quite surprised and wanted to make sure about the truth of Refly’s writing. According to Mahfud, the most surprising part for him was Refly’s writing stating that he had once heard directly (in Papua) from the people who said that billions of money had been provided for bringing a case in The Court, including to bribe constitutional court justices in handling a Pemilukada dispute. “We were very surprised when Refly said he had personally seen a pile of dollar money worth Rp1 billion to be given to constitutional court justices. Refly suggested me to conduct an internal investigation to disclose such cases. I would like to thank Refly for his criticism and suggestion because that means my challenge to anyone to prove the existence of bribery practices in The Court has been very properly welcomed,” he described.

For this task, continued Mahfud, The Court had given Refly one month’s time. Mahfud also guaranteed that Refly can interview and confront any official and employee of The Court involved in the alleged bribe as testified by Refly in his writing. Mahfud allowed Refly to propose two team members from outside The Court, while internally, The Court would appoint two persons as members to facilitate Refly’s task.

“Now it only needs to be proven, who the perpetrators are in The Court. If Refly is right, I will impose strict sanctions against the perpetrators. If the perpetrator is a judge (constitutional court justice-ed), I will personally bring him/her to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). If the perpetrator is an The Court’s employee, I will personally bring him/her to the police. However, if Refly is wrong, he must explain it to the public. This is an attitude of fairness which idealists struggling for and enforcing the law,” he explained.

Mahfud believed that many regional head candidates had been deceived by persons claiming to be lawyers or to be acquainted to The Court’s officials, who then asked for money to process a case in The Court, but then they took the money for themselves. In addition, continued Mahfud, based on information processing, it was very likely that certain advocates’ teams had used The Court case registration evidence to extort both the winning and the losing regional head candidates.

“I still believe all this is only a game among disputing parties with some of them involving the attorneys of the disputing parties. Now, Refly claimed he had met the person who had bribed and who would bribe The Court. This is good if evidenced so that all become clear. I trust in Refly Harun’s integrity. (Lulu Anjarsari/mh)

Thursday, October 28, 2010 | 14:12 WIB 166