Legal Arrangement Towards Good Governance

MK Chief Justice Mahfud MD became the keynote speaker in the awig-awig II seminar in the faculty of law of Udayana University, Bali

Jakarta, MKOnline – On Wednesday 29/09/10, Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD gave a scientific speech in the celebration of the 48th Anniversary of Udayana University, Bali. In the speech titled "Penataan Hukum Dalam Rangka Menuju Good Governance or Legal Arrangement Towards Good Governance" Mahfud asked University circles to develop an education system which should produce not only graduates but also intellectuals with moral values and should produce leaders responsible for the advancement of the nation and the state.

"Universities must also be responsible for the problems faced by this nation and they must also be responsible for the way to develop the nation in the future," he added.

In his statement, Mahfud MD also said that many corruption cases in Indonesia were not separate from the role of universities in educating their character when going to college, and the problems of the nation could not be separated from the role of universities because many of their alumni had become leaders in the government, and therefore universities played a vitally important role in developing a government clean and free of corruption.

"Universities have the responsibility to prepare their alumni so that they do not rely on their graduate certificates only, but more than that, the graduates are expected to be intellectuals with noble morals. We want that in the future, the nation will not be deceived by people who rely on their certificates only and not their knowledge, and therefore, universities must produce intellectuals with in-depth knowledge and responsibility as well as morals to develop the nation and bring welfare for the people," said Mahfud.

The main point he highlighted in the scientific speech in the Widya Sabha Hall of Udayana University was how universities could form the character of their graduates to become honest and clean leaders who could in the future avoid the currently rampant corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) in Indonesia.(Dody)

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