Mahfud MD: Every Human Being Has a Fitrah Constitution
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Constitutional Court Chief Justice, Moh. Mahfud MD, giving a lecture in UPI Campus, Bandung.

Bandung, MKOnline – Every human being must remember his/her original ‘home’ namely Allah SWT. To remember the ‘home’, every human being must know the ‘way’ to his/her ‘home’. This was conveyed by MK Chief Justice Moh. Mahfud MD when attending the Idul Fitri Gathering (Silaturahim Idul Fitri) 1431 H/2010 M of the Big Family of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) on Monday (20/9) in UPI Campus, Bandung.

According to Mahfud, the true way as Muslims was through the sharia way. To go through the way, continued Mahfud, we could use Idul Fitri ini. “Our mistakes thus far can be forgiven during the momentum of Ramadhan, by Allah SWT. However, among human beings, the expression of ‘sorry’ is still needed,” he explained.

Idul fitri, continued Mahfud, means return to one’s character, return to purity, return to the origin. Mahfud explained that every human being has an original (fitrah) constitution. “That constitution means the origin of event, of creation. Such meaning of constitution is similar to the meaning of the word ‘fitrah’. In the religion fitrah means “original creation”,” he described.

In addition, Mahfud explained the need for science balanced with faith and piety. “Good science is impartial. If partial at all, it must be partial for truth,” asserted Mahfud. (Ganie)

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