The Constitutional Court held the second trial on Election dispute of Jeneponto, South Sulawesi, Tuesday (18/11), pleaded by Regent candidate pair No. 6, H. Sjamsuddin Zainal, S.E., M.P. and Djahini, S.H. the trial was scheduled to hear information from witnesses and rebuttal from the Petitionees.

In the last trial, it was explained that the Petitioners considered the recapitulation of Jeneponto Election as illegal because there had been a reduce in the number of votes with the modus that the Petitionees did not spread out the invitation and/or electoral card to voters which was claimed to be the supporters of “SEJALAN” (Team No.6). Besides that, the Petitionees did not give the transcript of proceeding form C1-KWK and C2-KWK to Petitioners witnesses in the Votes Center.

On the claim of the Petitioners, the Petitionees Legal Counsel in the exception demanded the Court to refuse Petitioners evidences and not to accept the case, “because there were no difference in the number of votes between the Petitioner s counting and the Election Commission,” explained Mappinawang, SH.

To support Petitionees statement, based on information from Petitionees witnesses there were facts that almost in all Vote Centers there were witnesses leaving the area after knowing that the candidate they supported lost. “It happened similarly in the District level,” revealed Hamka also acting as the Election Watcher.

Besides that, to witnesses still attending the process, “The Transcript of Proceeding was indeed given by the Head of the Election Organiser Team in the Vote Center,” rebutted Razak a witness for Candidate No.5 at the Election Day.

Before closing the trial for case No. 38/PHPU.D-VI/2008, Board of Justices lead by Maruarar Siahaan said the Verdict would be read on Monday (24/11) at 10.00 WIB. (Rafles Abdi Kusuma)
Photo: Doc. MK PR/Wiwik BW
Translated by Yogi Djatnika / MK

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