The second trial on dispute over Municipal Election of Makassar City, registered by No. 36/PHPU.D-VI/2008, held in the Panel Court Room of the Constitutional Court, Tuesday (18/11), with examining improved Petition as the agenda.

The trial which lasted only for 30 minutes was attended by the Petitioners, among others, Drs. H.M. Ilham Alim Bachrie, MBA and Herman Handoko, candidate pair No. 7, Firmansyah Mappasang and Kasma F. Amin candidate pair No. 5, Ir. H. Ridwan Syahputra Musagini and Irwan A. Paturusi candidate No. 4, and lastly H. A. Idris Manggabarani and H. A. Muh. Adil Patu candidate pair No. 2, accompanied by their Legal Counsel,  DR. Kamri Ahmad, S.H., M.H., Hasman Usman, SH., MH, Muh. Burhanudin, SH, and Irwan Muin, SH.MH.

Responding to the claim made by the Petitioners to do a re-election, The Petitionees Legal Counsel Asmaun Abbas, SH, in his exception stated, “that is beyond the Constitutional Court s Regulation No. 15/2008,” said Abbas.

After receiving the improved Petition, Constitutional Justice Arsyad Sanusi, again, reminded both parties that the Constitutional Court was authorized to settle disputes on Regional Election within 14 working days after the case was registered Monday (10/11). “So, I am asking you to be well-prepared in terms of evidences, responds, and conclusion,” demanded Arsyad.

In addition to that, Constitutional Justice Maruarar Siahaan said, “Because this kind of case needs speedy trial, you have to be ready. If you are not ready, don’t file a case to the Court,” warned Maruarar.

The trial would be continued on Thursday (20/11) at 10.00 WIB, scheduled to legalize evidences and hearing information from witnesses. (Andhini Sayu Fauzia)

Photo: Doc. MK PR/Bayu Pratama P
Translated by Yogi Djatnika / MK

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | 17:27 WIB 207
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