Constitutional Court held an initial trial on Dispute over Election Result in Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi, Thursday (13/11), at the Plenary Court Room. This case was pleaded by Wajo Regent-Vice candidate H.Andi Asmidin and Drs.H. Mohammad Ridwan against Wajo Regent Election Commission.

Through their legal counsel filed an objection on the vote counting by the Election Commission for the event conducted on Wednesday (29/10), which put Andi Burhanuddin Unru and Amran Mahmud pair as the winner with 73,789 votes, and consequently putting the Petitioners at the second place with the total supporters of 70,232 votes.

There were two reasons as the ground for annulling the counting result. First, it was the existence of legal ballot which was announced illegal and as the result, the Petitioners lost 1,653 votes. ”Second, marked up votes in the recapitulation result conducted by Election Commission to the elected candidate pair has caused a loss to the Petitioners as many as 5,209 votes”, explained the Petitioner s Legal Counsel, Sahala Siahaan, S.H.

Responding to the statement, Justice Panel Board consisted of Muhammad Alim, Abdul Mukthie Fadjar, and Maria Farida Indrati requested the Petitioners to prove the difference in number as they mentioned. ”Claim on ballots that was considered legal by the Petitioners but not by the Election Commission have to be proven, whether or not they vote for the Petitioners if they are considered legal,” reminded Constitutional Justice Mukthie.

Speaking in the same tone, Constitutional Justice Maria advised the Petitioners to submit evidences that might support the claim. ”Because in this Petition, it is still not clear what the Petitioners really want,” she said.

Before closing the trial, Head of Justice Panel Board, Muhammad Alim, announced that the next trial would be on Monday (17/11). Muhammad Alim also asked all parties to bring with them evidences before the court. ”We are bound to the 14 working day regulation to settle the case. Because of that, prove it immediately. We base everything on evidences, and not on talks,” he ended. (Kencana Suluh Hikmah)

Photo: Doc. MK PR/Andhini SF

Translated by: Yogi Djatnika

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | 14:31 WIB 257