Election in North Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province held in October 27, 2008 left its problems. Money politics and underage voters coloured the democratic celebration. These things were revealed in the settlement of regional election in the Constitutional Court which had entered evidence and witness examination stage, Wednesday (12/11). The trial was attended by Principle Petitioner, Regent Candidate No.2, Thariq Modanggu,S.Ag.,M.Pdi and Principle Petitionee, Head of North Gorontalo Election Commission, Sofyan Rahmola.
At the beginning of the trial, Head of Justice Panel Board, Akil Mochtar, instructed both parties to come on time. “Please, everybody come on time,” ordered Akil.

Evidence and Witness Information Examination
In this trial, Petitioner s Legal Counsel presented two witnesses, Anir Haduli and Rian Pakaya.

Anil Haduli was a middle-aged man holding a position as Head of a sub-village in Kopalo Village and a Balloting Committee member in Voting Center 1, Anggrek District. Anil testified on the money politic incident in his area. Anil explained that before the voting days, he was given 19 election invitation letters by Head of Voting Committee to be given to voters in order to choose candidate No. 1. “I was told by the Head of my Village to win packet No.1,” told Anil.

Petitioner s Legal Counsel Marianus, asked, “Why did you want to follow his (Village Head) request?” Anil answered, “Because he was my Village Head and he said that we are promised to be given 50.000 rupiah,” continued Anil.

Meanwhile, when he was asked by Petitionee s Legal Counsel, Herson, whether or not Anil knew about money politic prohibition, he answered no. “Did you see that the person you were trying to influence chose No.1?” asked Herson again. Anil answered, “I did not see.”

Second witness, Rian Pakaya was a little girl from Ulapa Sub-Village Bulalo Village who was only in her first year of Junior High School. Rian testified her participation in casting a vote. She admitted that she got the ballot invitation from her mother. When Herson asked Rian, “do you what voting is?” she remained silent with frown and shook his head.

Meanwhile, in the trial which was scheduled to continue on Thursday (13/11), Constitution Justice Board could not hear information from witnesses. It was due to the Legal Counsel of both parties failing to prepare evidences appropriately and to present witnesses. “We order the Legal Counsel of both parties to prepare evidences appropriately and please present your witnesses who do not come today (in the next trial)),” said Akil. (Rafles Abdi Kusuma/Wiwik Budi Wasito)
Photo: Doc. MK PR/Andhini SF

Translated by Yogi Djatnika / MK

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