Constitutional Court held a trial on Election Result Dispute in Biak Numfor Regency, Papua, Kamis (13/11), scheduled for initial examination. The case was filed by Regent Candidate No.2, Reyneilda M. Kaisiepo and Max Richard Funamawi Krey.

From the Petitionees, there was Head of Biak Numfor Election Commission, Dicky Iwanggi and the secretary of the Commission Paulus Rieser also 3 other members. In As related party, there was a member of Election Watcher Commission in Biak Numfor, Julius C. Maupapami.

Based in recapitulation result made by the Petitionees, candidate No. 1, Maryen dan Alimuddin got 18,031 votes; meanwhile the Petitioners reached 14,623 votes.

The Petitioner argued that the Petitionees had cheated on the counting and recapitulation. The regional Commission, through a Decree from Biak Numfor Election Commission No. 31/2008 dated September 3, 2008 and legalized by Head of Biak Numfor Regional Commission on October 13, 2008 did not say the number of citizens in nine districts of the total 19 districts but there was a number of voters in each district.

Besides that, the Petitioners also argued that there had been vote manipulation in two districts. In Biak City District the vote were marked up to 7,331; from 15,378 voters to be 22,709 voters. Meanwhile, in Samafa District, there had been a manipulation as many as 4,949 votes, from 12,599 voters to be 17,548 voters.

Based on the recapitulation result from Biak Election Commission on November 4, 2008, the number of voters using their rights on the election date, October 29, 2008 were as many as 52,492 and as many as 4,000 votes were considered illegal. Meanwhile, based on the Petitioners observation, as many as 40,212 votes were considered legal and 13,444 votes were unaccepted. “We indicate that there had been a mark-up in Biak Numfor Election votes,” said the Petitioner s Legal Counsel.

To the Petitionees, the Board of Justice gave an opportunity to Biak Numfor Election Commission to respond in written for objections said by the Petitioners. “We have not made our written explanation to this trial yet and we have not brought our legal counsel because we had been informed the day before that the trial began today,” revealed Dicky Iwanggi.

Before slamming the hammer as a closing marker, Head of Justice Panel Board, Abdul Mukthie Fadjar decided to suspend the trial until Monday, November 17,2008  at 15.00 WIB, scheduled to hear witnesses from each party and written statement from Biak Numfor Election Commission. (Bayu Pratama/Wiwik Budi Wasito)

Foto: Dok. Humas MK/Denny Feishal

Translated by Yogi Djatnika / MK

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | 18:00 WIB 230